[SCBTC](453%) Siacoin Hits New ATL (Let's Try Again!)

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Siacoin ( SCBTC ) is one of the few altcoins that did not go bullish in the last few bullish waves we've seen.

Each time we gave it a try, this one was a no-go, but still a very strong altcoin project with huge profits potential that generated great profits for us before 2018.

Today, we are looking at a new all-time low for Siacoin ( SCBTC ) and another opportunity for massive profits, but first, what's so great about trading Altcoins vs Bitcoin?

We had a trade in the past fail for Siacoin ( SCBTC ) with our stop-loss sitting below 59 satoshis, so we get kicked out of the trade at a loss... But we trade long term and with patience, so here we are again with an even better and bigger opportunity.

Siacoin hits it's new all-time low and is now sitting at 42 satoshis, that's 29% lower than our stop-loss.

So now we have a better buy-in price, which gives us more coins/tokens and at the same time, we have higher profits potential... So yes the trade failed, but we get a second chance and we will profit even more on the way up... Long term trading.

  • We are looking at 1923% profits potential from the current price to SCBTC all-time high.
  • For a new all-time high, based on Fib. projections, Siacoin ( SCBTC ) can do as much as 4600%+.

Here is a trade for you to enjoy... Feel free to hit like to show your support.

Siacoin ( SCBTC ) Long Term

BUY: 37 - 43


(1) 53
(2) 64
(3) 73
(4) 81
(5) 94
(6) 109
(7) 126
(8) 137
(9) 154
(10) 182
(11) 202
(12) 227

(Buy calculated at 41 satoshis)

STOP: Close weekly below 35.


Tips & Suggestions

  • This is a long term trade.
  • This is not financial advice.
  • Patience is key. It takes time for a trade to fully develop.
  • A trade can be successful just as it can fail, that's why we always have in place a stop-loss.
  • We use manual stop-loss only.

You can read more about manual stop-loss here:
Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Trade active: I am loading up on Siacoin (SCBTC) now!
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You may want to look at that SCBTC on Polo which has the chart starting August '15 and a historical low of... 2 satoshis.
+2 Reply
@gmgame, Thanks a lot for sharing.
SC is the real sleeping giant! There is huge potential in this project and our current world needs such decentralized cloud storage to avoid any 3rd parties! I don't know better investment at this moment tbh (40sat..that is almost free). Mark my words and read them again after one year. Cya at 1000+ sat ;)
+1 Reply
AlanSantana MrCrypto007
@MrCrypto007, Fully agree with you.
+1 Reply
Your views on ETC?
+1 Reply
@King786, I'll take a look.
+1 Reply
King786 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Sure take your time. Also please note there is hardfork of ETC network on MID Sept.
Today they announced the news 10 hours before.
This might pump ETC.
This undervalued coin expected to reach 22x times as compared to other alt's TA.

" The Hard Fork is targetted for block8_750_000 on the Ethereum Classic mainnet, expected some time in mid-September 2019 "
@King786, Thanks a lot for sharing.
King786 AlanSantana
@King786, It looks like it can keep on going lower.