Komodo Hits Demand Zone: Double Bottom + Bullish Divergence

BINANCE:KMDBTC   Komodo / Bitcoin
Komodo ( KMDBTC ) Chart Analysis

KMDBTC Long term chart:
  • Here we are looking at a double bottom on the long term weekly chart for Komodo ( KMDBTC ).
  • After this demand/ support zone was hit last time, back in November 2018, KMDBTC went on a bullish wave that generated 190% profits. We believe that the next wave can be even bigger, we are looking at around 250% profits from the current price to resistance. Up to 720% in profits to ATH .
  • Bullish divergence on the MACD .
  • Increasing trading volume .

Let's take a closer look to see the different signals in the making (main chart above):

  • The bullish divergence on the above chart is marked with a purple arrow and is showing up on both the MACD and RSI .
  • Now trading above EMA10 (needs a close above it on the daily time frame for signal confirmation).

Komodo ( KMDBTC ) hit strong support ( demand zone ) and is very likely to produce a bullish wave within the next 1-3 weeks.
All details are shared on the chart.

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This is not financial advice.


Engines ready, heart on top of my head.

The new journey starts, I am ready to launch ahead.

Clouds won’t stop me, I can even enjoy the rain.

Bring in the work…

I am ready…

My new journey starts today.

Comment: (1) 0.000164 -Reached 26-May (+9%)
Comment: Targets:

(1) 0.000164 -Reached 26-May (+9%)
(2) 0.000181 -Reached 29-May (+20%)
(3) 0.000194 -Reached 29-May (+28%)
Comment: If KMDBTC can stay above EMA50 (0.0001772), then an impulse up is very likely...

Looking bullish for me.
Comment: (1) 0.000164 -Reached 26-May (+9%)
(2) 0.000181 -Reached 29-May (+20%)
(3) 0.000194 -Reached 29-May (+28%)
(4) 0.000210 -Reached 4-June (+38%)
(5) 0.000227 - Next targe.
(6) 0.000255

Moving (up)forward.
Enjoy the profits.

Comment: We are going for our next target...
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Thank you for sharing your most valuable asset (time not BTC ironically) with those of us interested in the space with strong futurist beliefs and tech backgrounds, but little trading expertise. Sending gratitude and abundance your way sir.
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@Ice432, Thanks a lot, your message is truly appreciated and helps me keep going forward.

We will do our best to keep on improving and make it better for all of us.

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Sounds like a plan.
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AlanSantana CryptoTraderXL
@CryptoTraderXL, Already moving positively.
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CryptoTraderXL AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, the market loves to reward patient people.
tks for sharing
this is my chart
AlanSantana MCuong2332
@MCuong2332, Thanks for sharing.