Ripple vs BTC, Possible Scenarios (370% Profits to Jan '18 Peak)

I am looking at the Ripple ( XRPBTC ) chart long term, weekly time frame, and even though I don't have a story to tell you, I would like to point out in straight forward terms what I am seeing, the different signals coming from this chart.

A closer look at Ripple ( XRPBTC ) on the weekly time frame:
  • On the far right, we are looking at the highest volume bar since January 2018, so big buying is going on at current price levels.

  • The red arrow is the less likely scenario. If we look at past history Ripple ( XRPBTC ) prefers to do massive impulse waves to the upside, green arrows. More likely, if we go the red arrow way, we would have some more retrace followed by an impulse as can be seen with the green arrows.

  • We are looking at 138% profits potential from the current price (0.00004885) to September '18 peak (0.00011660), and 370% profits potential from the current price to January's '18 peak (0.00023124). Of course, Ripple can go much, much higher. New all-time highs will be hit on the next cryptocurrency bull market bull run.

  • The RSI hit as low as 23, the lowest ever for the Ripple pair XRPBTC on Binance. With the huge increase in buying volume at these lows, we can expect additional bullish action to start for Ripple soon.

All details are drawn on the chart.
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Thanks for reading.

Comment: Moving positively, looking forward to seeing Ripple do its own travel to the MOON!
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Is it good time to buy now ?
+2 Reply
AlanSantana MeGriffin0
@MeGriffin0, It depends on your targets, plan and goals. Also your trading style.
Nice analysis. Agreed, it does look very much like a turning point down here around the 5k sats mark.
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@xrpftw, Thanks for the comment and visit.

Most likely it will
Where is the Stop-Ross?
AlanSantana pigpigpigpig
@pigpigpigpig, We are using "STOP: Close weekly below 0.00003800" on our trade.
pigpigpigpig AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Thanks
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