FX:GER30   DAX Index
This is a 6H chart of the DAX . Markets globally are heading south. Even the super-resilient Brazilian Bovespa is beginning to buckle . In this screencast I show what the price action is like for the DAX and why I think the market is exhausting. I may well be totally wrong - but I'll limit how wrong I am with an acceptable stop-loss.

Three main issues plague the DAX and other markets globally:
1. China trade/technology war.
2. Tariff man picking a fight with Mexico
3. And as of a couple days ago Tariff man has squeezed India by ending special trade treatment. ( Google is your friend on that one).

From what I see, the house of cards, the Ponzi scheme that is global markets is falling. I'll take my losses in shorting these.

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to trade. Opinions here are my own. If you make decisions based on this and you lose your money sue yourself!
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