In the vid, I overview interesting moves in the DJI. Tensions are rising.

The latest market burn down doesn't look great for the FED. But.. but.. when you have access to literally and endless supply of money, you can do whatever you like (almost).

The FED has been throwing money into the so-called economy in the hundreds of Billions per week. I'm using economy in a very broad sense.

They're 'tinkering' with stock markets, REPO markets, Bond Markets - you name it, they're in it. Of course in some instances you won't see the 'hand of the FED' because they're using a dozen or so 'tools' as they call them. So you might see the tip of the tool, but not the 'hand of the FED'.

If they FED was not in the DJI at all would it have re-inflated that much. Not many (sensible) people believe that. It's basically free money at near zero interest rates and a generous REPO market. In other words its like going to a casino and the house says, "No problem have as many chips as you want!"

This is crazy stuff. Reality always comes back around to bite.

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