XRPUSD - Price Prediction

Hello all,

I'll be sharing short and long term price predictions across some of your favourite cryptocurrencies. Will try to keep the charts minimal and the ideas brief.

Here we have XRP, currently bullish price action. The next target is at 1.00 with a possible extension to the 1.23-1.25 mark.

If you would like me to cover a particular token then do leave me a comment and I will do my best.

As always, your support is much appreciated!

Thanks for looking!
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This is not trading advice. All content/ information shared in this idea is purely educational in nature and is expected to be used for analysis and illustration purposes only.

Do not trade or speculate based solely on the information provided.

Trust your own analysis.
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su OXT / USD (Orchid), Grazie di cuore.
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BeyondEdge NuMaUita
@NuMaUita, Sure, here is a link to the idea. Let me know your thoughts!
good job bro
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@ali6488, thanks for looking!