Sometimes a single candle can make a difference. How? It could trigger a trend change.

This is not a prediction. It is vigilance for a trend change. Single candles on any time frame often fail.

Position is everything (well not exactly). Some say it's luck. I say it is a chance to see how wrong I am. Acceptance of being wrong for a controlled loss is the business.

If one cannot afford to lose in this business, then winning is practically impossible.

Disclaimers: This is not advice or encouragement to trade securities on live accounts. Chart positions shown are not suggestions and not intended to assure you of an advantage. No predictions and no guarantees are supplied or implied. The author trades mostly trend following set ups which has a low win rate of approximately 40%. Heavy losses can be expected if trading live accounts. Any previous advantageous performance shown in other scenarios, is not indicative of future performance. If you make decisions based on opinion expressed here or on my profile and you lose your money, kindly sue yourself.
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