DXY - Upside to Cover

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
The DXY dropped below the key structural level marked introducing more sellers into the market.

Knowing how manipulated the dollar can be, I expect a strong crossover and upside continuation into the target zone.

Please see my previous analysis below.


same bias
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AlkalineFX PriceActionAnalyses
@PriceActionAnalyses, hahah taking its time
@AlkalineFX, patiently waiting
Heading straight to 90.450...
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AlkalineFX AbuSoll
@AbuSoll, Ok mystic ball man
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Perfect. Looking for the same
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AlkalineFX KnightsofGold
@KnightsofGold, DXY insane death
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KnightsofGold AlkalineFX
@AlkalineFX, Lets see, once it bounces it should go straight back up to 91.18. Great work my friend
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