The fourth bear dropped dead. Anyone else?

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4 times the SLOW bears pushed below 7200, all failed.
Do we need a 5th dead furred animal?
I got all the proof I need, It's the bull season, baby.

Don't trust the midterm timeframes indicators -
it's a new season opening.

Literally 1-36 hours until surging figures...
Comment: 7195-7205 an EPIC fight for hours. Feels like this is the very decisive moment.
Each new candle gives new promises...
Comment: 13-30 UTC... That's it, I'm ordering the fifth coffin. For the very small bear-son. The whole family has just gone down.
Comment: If the price rushes up through 7230-7260 without much staggering this will be the final goodbye to all the bear gravity we've been experiencing for months.
Comment: 14-10 UTC. I believe this is the first baby-bull(M30 candle). The chart looks 100% bullish to me. Bears are no longer driving, they only have enough power for the coming corrections...
Comment: Another very small bear died unborn. That's it, I'm done burying these poor animals.
There's simply not enough coffins)))
Feels like time's frozen....
Who will shake this uncertainty off our minds?
Or, finally, mother-the-bull?
Comment: 14-30 UTC M30 - feels like this is the first candle that is offset in the favor of bulls. Destabilization, here it comes... Maybe in the next 5 mins, maybe on Friday... Can't wait to see the bull rise)))