Bulls, don't panic, it's a DOUBLE IMPULSE, as expected.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Impulse, impulse, impulse formation.

Look at the pattern- this is the text book impulse north.

And it only has began - we are now experiencing the beginning of the 3rd short term wave,
which consists out of smaller(inner) 1-2-3-4-5 impulse.

This promises an unbelievable growth 8000+.

7250 is now the most decisive region(7200-7300).
If bulls protect this level - the impulse is inevitable.

Look closely for the battle around 7250.
The outcome will set the market for a day or two.

+ Also notice "head and shoulders" that just formed.

Only a secret bear will exit now))) I'm in at around 7300...
Comment: And it seems that the previous pivot 7200 now acts as a strong resistance level, trapping the bears. Proves the above said.
Comment: 9-44 UTC: ARE YOU SETTLED IN? Here we go. Now or never. Here comes the sound of the bears burning alive)))
Comment: What is also interesting - now bear moves look 100% correctional.
While the bulls have all the big impulses for the past few days.
Comment: Never in my life I saw the chart THIS BULLISH. Bears gonna cry aloud. If not in the next few days - in the January 100%.
But my body is shaking - I feel all the Bulls in the world are gonna race)))
Hear the CORRIDA run towards you....
I don't doubt now that 10k is expected in a few weeks.
May be even higher, but that would be a speculation.
Trade active: See a little change of our perception is required.
Scared bears prolonged the bigger correction,
but only to prove that the Bull is coming.