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Bitcoin has shown minor retracements during today's session.
If this bull run continues, we can project buy zones based on retail structure breakouts.
Those levels marked could help us placing our DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) based buy orders with as much accuracy as possible.

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Have a great Sunday, Alkalites!
Comment: Whales entered.
Comment: Alkalites are ridin' whalesss


From the current position
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Any possibility of long from this position?
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CryptoAlkaline Pablokalaku
@Pablokalaku, If you are going to buy place your Dollar Cost Averaging positions to avoid high-risk dumps. You could buy where retails and algorithms buy, and place more orders where manipulation should occur. But please, invest safely, and do your own research, Alkalite!
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poidogofficial Pablokalaku
@Pablokalaku, look for longs at these levels:

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I'm seeing a possibility of dipping below the 52k support level:

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