Yay, it's Friday! Our big-boys watchlist seems mixed today! Let's see how mid and low-caps tokens behave today!

This week, we have spotted big spikes in volume on some small-cap tokens. As we said yesterday, things are getting interesting. Those volume spikes may be responsible for the short-term manipulation that we were able to observe in BTC and ETH. That is blatantly occurring in other assets as well.

Today we are placing limit orders to start adding NANO . With a Fully Diluted Market Cap of 1Billion, we believe it has incredible long term potential since we have found an interesting use case for payments.

Through our manipulation approach, you can see where we expect whales to enter the market. You should follow the DCA strategy, but we have found that by providing manipulation insights, we can refine our entries as much as possible.

Nano offers secure and free transactions quickly. Would you use Nano on a daily basis?

Do your own research, Nano
Have a wonderful day, Alkalites.

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Hi! Enjoying your takes. Is SNX on your radar?
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@tipitipi, Hey! We will check it! Stay tuned on updates like these in our FREE Telegram Channel!
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This is perfection!
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CryptoAlkaline AlkalineFX
@AlkalineFX, Hard work!
Hey! I’m new here and i invest on nano... am i doing right or not and also tell me which is the peek time to sell it . Kindly reply me