XRP Daily - Exciting Next 8 Weeks

A pullback towards $0.19 - $0.18 would line up perfectly for a 4th wave following the basic elliot wave theory.

The 4th wave would align with the major monthly support around the black zone.

A fibonacci from wave 2 to wave 3 is ideal as this is from the last higher low to the most recent higher high. The 61.8 & 78.6 retracements align perfectly with the support zone .

The blue box would be the ideal buy zone following the retest of the 'Monthly / Daily' trendline that has recently broken.

Will keep a close eye on the next couple days as we have a monthly close coming up tomorrow, I would hope that the dip comes through at the start of the month.

I would hope we continue this bullish price action until we see the major increase in price we are hoping for, I would assume the price of XRP has been agreed to a certain weight in gold , $2000 would be nice. 🙏


Game on
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