XRP has re-entered the BUY ZONE

For a full year XRP has had a firm bottom offering a fertile buy zone whenever we've dipped below $0.29. This just happened again, suggesting an excellent entry to go long. It's worth considering the weekly 100 Moving Average as a target since that has proved strong resistance throughout 2019... which would lead to a potential move up of 70%.

But if BTC continues to drop/correct sharply, XRP will almost certainly fall through this extremely key 29c support level . Just being realistic, a BTC drop of 30% would push XRP (and many other alts) down at least 50%, which would put XRP around $0.15.

Here is the link for my free Moving Average indicator, offering key areas of potential strong support & resistance .

Also save crucial space on your Trading View chart by utilising my free RSI and StochRSI indicator which overlays both in a clear and helpful fashion.

Please give me a thumbs up and follow me if you found my analysis interesting. This is for educational purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.
Trade active: We've pushed deep into the buy zone, but it's responded well so far. However, extreme caution should be taken if XRP drops below 20c.


Great call!
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Nice buy zone buddy.