Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap Breakout + Bullish Potential

The cryptocurrency market is moving. We are seeing green and we like... We love it!

I am now looking at the total market for the entire cryptocurrency market, all altcoins including Bitcoin , and we have several interesting signals.

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Crypto Total Market Cap Bullish Chart Signals

Daily time frame chart analysis (left)

  • On the left we have the daily time frame, where I want you to take a look at several things.
  • First we have trading volume increases, which is the best signal you can have to support a strong breakout. This huge increase in volume came to break above EMA50 (magenta) and MA99 (red).
  • The RSI is super bullish and the MACD is just following its steps now entering the bullish zone after having a bullish crossover.
  • Pretty simple, straight forward signals.

Weekly time frame chart analysis (right)

  • Here the action is just getting started, on the weekly time frame. You can see that EMA50 is still far but the total market cap is now above EMA10. This signal is only valid when the week closes.
  • Trading above EMA10 = bullish potential.
  • We have the RSI curving up strong and the MACD showing a bullish crossover.
  • The candlesticks formation and TD Sequential are also supporting a bullish move.

So the chart for Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap is starting to display some nice bullish signals, and we have these many altcoins and Bitcoin making