Safestore Holdings Continues To be Bullish

This stock is featuring for the first time on our TradingView blogs.

Current setup: Price is still looking strong as it remains above the 50 & 200 simple moving averages and keeps breaking out.

Conclusion: The recent breakout offers us the opportunity to enter the market as it is making new all-time highs.

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How does Safestore compare to Big Yellow? I know that the latter has a lower D/E ratio and less debt, but has slightly lower profit than Safestore (but it does have fewer locations). Also, Big Yellow's EPS is higher. Makes it really tough to decide which to buy.
Sublime_Trading Girthquake69
@Girthquake69, we keep it simple and look at each chart on individual merit. We focus purely on TA as good technicals reflect a healthy company. We also have rules in our trading plan on the max number of stocks in our portfolio from anyone sector when trends are in play. So we could potentially have both SAFE and BYG in the portfolio if they are both looking strong.