#bitcoin scenario cast 6.19.21

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Slander is the signal

Risk off in legacy

Will they risk a debt bubble blow up?
No they inflate it away as always

Stimulus forever until enough people have migrated to debt-free money that the machinations of a central bank are no longer relevant to a mjority of the global pop

Its a process, that will likely take another 15 - 20 years

You guys are still early, but not as early as the middle of last decade obviously

do you want to arrive in 2025-27

and have been fudded out of your holdings?


Thanks for sharing
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BallaJi AlkalineFX
@AlkalineFX, the lower Bollinger band appears to be providing support
--- whippin' between the bands in a funnel before a break is a common occurrence.
Let's see how CME, gold, stocks behave Sunday night Morning should be an interesting week.