My prediction about BTC domination and the duration

This is an Idea like many. I do believe that we will experience supercycle in Altcoins but I also think the max BTC dominance would be less.

The orange box is the representative of the Bull run in my opinion.

I am not professional, analysis is my passion but my background is engineering and numbers and data analysis is part my critical thinking.
Comment: Update V1.0: As we reach in the timescale I was expecting the Dominance is following, Please be aware predicting time is nearly impossible and this is just a guess but amazingly it fits to my guess ! I am expecting in near future to be much less that the orange area as a matter of bitcoin dominance but as a timeframe It might take nearly 6 months to BTC back to maybe 50%. 70% dominance in my opinion never going to happen at least till end of the bull run.


Max dominance less as in alts running harder than 2018 and pushing btc d below 33%??
MehranVa1992 macbaylis
@macbaylis, If you read the explanation, I did not mention about the % I just guess the time as it is pretty obvious that we are not having BTC.D of 43% in altseason. and I did say "the max BTC dominance would be less"