Apple next move inluencing price of btc both bullish

We can see on the chart how the pumps on this market have produced an impulse...and again we are now on a stage where we can expect a pump ...all we have to do now is keep tabs on the apple company see if they have something up their sleeves and then buy the stock .on this patience is the key... since the btc market is as well about to blow due to the bullish action on the apple inc and consecutively apple stock bout to blow coz of the incoming bullish momentum on the btc ...so really its a correlation we can feed off. Whichever takes off first we go for the other one ,,majorly....so if apple buys we will expect the stocks to rise to 185 while on btc it iz expevyed to climb up to 45k from 30k support as shown on my previous published ideas on btc ..... so long fellas...I'll be updating you


we should be keen on buying apple shares now...
look at that chart...the pumps occurring once every year...please follow up