Stocks that have increased the most in price

Top gainers often continue to soar and reach new highs when their fundamentals are strong. When a stock keeps making new highs it’s important to pay attention since there might be a retracement. The page lets you see top gaining stocks at a quick glance.

RCON Recon Technology Ltd - Ordinary Shares 3.0377.71%1.32Buy46.089M16.884M-0.8789.00
MYSZ My Size Inc 2.6624.30%0.52Buy29.155M45.716M-0.68
HAWK Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc 45.0823.49%8.57Strong Buy31.915M2.074B-0.053191.00
AYTU Aytu Bioscience Inc 3.4322.07%0.62Buy670.036K12.371M-32.821.00
NEWA Newater Technology Inc - Ordinary Shares 15.8021.54%2.80Strong Buy330.615K140.387M64.430.2095.00
NNDM Nano Dimension Ltd - American Depositary Shares 3.7316.56%0.53Buy80.834K41.810M-1.244.00
SRNE Sorrento Therapeutics Inc 5.7516.16%0.80Buy3.630M392.643M-0.42154.00
CWBR Cohbar Inc 5.6416.15%0.79Buy74.245K197.114M-0.244.00
IGLD Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd - Ordinary Shares 10.0915.29%1.34Strong Buy3.624K168.028M14.800.595.00
NHTC Natural Health Trends Corp - Commn Stock 17.5014.90%2.27Buy696.835K172.737M3.644.19143.00
ENR Energizer Holdings Inc 59.1114.51%7.49Buy6.071M3.091B16.073.264400.00
SSRM Ssr Mining Inc 9.2514.48%1.17Buy3.100M965.073M15.780.551250.00
APTO Aptose Biosciences Inc 2.8012.90%0.32Buy1.585M65.750M-0.6621.00
UVXY Proshares Trust Ultra Vix Short Term Futures Etf 9.7512.46%1.08Sell59.434M
IIPR Innovative Industrial Properties Inc 33.7911.70%3.54Strong Buy368.417K105.910M-0.63
SFS Smart & Final Stores Inc 9.4611.29%0.96Buy1.167M629.175M89.290.103180.00
VIPS Vipshop Holdings Ltd American Depositary Shares, Each Representing 0.2 Ordinary Shares 16.0410.54%1.53Buy35.502M8.609B29.820.5445302.00
VTVT Vtv Therapeutics Inc 6.1210.47%0.58Strong Buy467.963K181.781M-1.6451.00
ADVM Adverum Biotechnologies Inc 4.3510.13%0.40Buy1.731M177.914M-1.5061.00
XBIT Xbiotech Inc 4.559.38%0.39Buy162.720K147.421M-1.2656.00
FLIY Franklin Ftse Italy Etf 27.449.10%2.29300
ELMD Electromed Inc 6.499.08%0.54Buy21.042K49.148M23.350.26115.00
BNTC Benitec Biopharma Ltd - American Depositary Shares 3.969.06%0.33Buy324.077K45.673M-0.0513.00
LABD Direxion Daily S&p Biotech Bear 3x Shares 4.229.04%0.35Sell11.215M
ITUS Itus Corp 4.418.89%0.36Buy2.386M62.047M-0.647.00
IFMK Ifresh Inc 14.478.72%1.16Strong Buy32.210K188.643M224.720.06480.00
KZIA Novogen Ltd - American Depositary Shares Each Representing One Hundred Ordinary Shares 3.138.69%0.25Buy36.092K14.514M-0.4012.00
VLRS Controladora Vuela Compania De Aviacion, S.a.b. De C.v. American Depositary Shares, Each Representing Ten (10) Ordinary Participation Certificates 8.708.34%0.67Buy1.627M707.636M-0.094942.00
FANH Fanhua Inc - American Depositary Shares, Each Representing 20 Ordinary Shares 26.268.29%2.01Buy687.182K1.497B24.691.014579.00
RTEC Rudolph Technologies Inc 26.158.28%2.00Strong Buy481.016K762.824M19.491.27579.00
AG First Majestic Silver Corp Ordinary Shares (canada) 7.358.25%0.56Buy8.354M1.124B246.170.043580.00
SNDE Sundance Energy Australia Ltd - American Depositary Shares 9.007.91%0.66Buy31.616K114.599M-0.049.00
VMAX Rex Volmaxx Long Vix Weekly Futures Strategy Etf 12.067.88%0.88Sell13.829K
FTNW Fte Networks Inc 18.007.72%1.29Buy58.891K93.527M-2.8578.00
LSXMB Liberty Media Corp - Series B Liberty Siriusxm 43.547.72%3.12Buy41222.851B29.831.38
CATS Catasys Inc 4.667.62%0.33Buy173.127K68.800M-1.7131.00
LADR Ladder Capital Corp Class A 14.627.58%1.03Buy6.279M1.505B15.701.2469.00
SHOS Sears Hometown And Outlet Stores Inc 2.907.41%0.20Strong Buy177.171K61.296M-4.741584.00
ELTK Eltek Ltd - Ordinary Shares 4.647.41%0.32Buy1.290M8.763M-3.01345.00
NSH Nustar Gp Holdings, Llc Units 18.157.40%1.25Buy943.626K725.885M8.511.991251.00
SGB Southwest Georgia Financial Corp 22.007.32%1.50Buy1.796K52.222M12.761.61111.00
GORO Gold Resource Corp 5.007.30%0.34Buy900.088K265.114M44.270.1113.00
GG Goldcorp Inc 15.397.25%1.04Buy23.836M12.457B23.900.758712.00
ICBK County Bancorp Inc 32.307.10%2.14Strong Buy43.154K201.269M17.901.73125.00
HMNY Helios And Matheson Analytics Inc 8.166.81%0.52Buy7.407M179.397M-9.4344.00
HVT.A Haverty Furniture Companies Inc 23.706.52%1.45Sell664507.780M18.341.383656.00
NTN Ntn Buzztime Inc 4.916.51%0.30Buy15.548K11.620M-0.40137.00
BYFC Broadway Financial Corp 2.476.47%0.15Strong Buy8.219K43.372M14.490.1667.00
AGRX Agile Therapeutics Inc 3.496.40%0.21Sell513.578K112.131M-0.9219.00
AVID Avid Technology Inc 5.996.39%0.36Strong Buy949.477K231.878M-0.181591.00
MOC Command Security Corp 3.046.29%0.18Buy48.975K28.166M-0.253800.00
VIXY Proshares Trust Vix Short-Term Futures Etf 22.766.16%1.32Sell2.694M
SJT San Juan Basin Royalty Trust 9.066.09%0.52Buy410.226K398.039M10.860.790.00
EDAP Edap Tms S.a. - American Depositary Shares, Each Representing One Ordinary Share 2.816.01%0.16Buy152.187K76.847M-0.08197.00
OSIS Osi Systems Inc 71.675.90%3.99Buy1.138M1.284B43.141.635763.00
RUSS Direxion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares 18.165.89%1.01Sell167.629K
LQDT Liquidity Services Inc 5.405.88%0.30Buy229.122K162.637M-1.25794.00
CALX Calix Inc 6.305.88%0.35Strong Buy322.114K299.849M-1.641109.00
CSPI Csp Inc 16.805.86%0.93Strong Buy24.631K63.085M24.850.64176.00
MEXX Direxion Daily Msci Mexico Bull 3x Shares 23.605.83%1.30Buy15.496K
MRK Merck & Company Inc (new) 62.075.81%3.41Buy48.091M159.987B56.871.0468000.00
PY Principal Shareholder Yield Index Etf 33.915.78%1.85Strong Buy398
INFY Infosys Ltd American Depositary Shares 17.785.77%0.97Buy17.138M36.803B16.841.00198440.00
JCTCF Jewett-Cameron Trading Company 15.705.72%0.85Buy10.759K33.182M12.371.2046.00
CKPT Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc 3.915.68%0.21Buy127.510K94.379M-1.125.00
CARG Cargurus Inc 32.345.58%1.71Buy334.238K3.250B-0.21514.00
KALA Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc 16.475.58%0.87Sell828.899K377.942M-1.8225.00
COLL Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc 21.135.54%1.11Buy655.833K651.897M-2.97234.00
EDN Empresa Distribuidora Y Comercializadora Norte S.a. (edenor) Empresa Distribuidora Y Comercializadora Norte S.a. (edenor) American Depositary Shares 55.995.52%2.93Buy90.007K1.188B33.821.574692.00
JNP Juniper Pharmaceuticals Inc 6.305.44%0.33Buy38.027K64.794M9.940.63139.00
BLPH Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc 2.145.42%0.11Sell333.754K72.086M-1.3022.00
TRT Trio-Tech International 6.055.40%0.31Sell46.203K20.280M13.230.45510.00
JNUG Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares 19.825.37%1.01Buy12.210M
DRIP Direxion Daily S&p Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 3x Shares 10.225.36%0.52Strong Sell2.441M
RYB Ryb Education Inc American Depositary Shares, Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share 17.755.34%0.90Buy714.979K482.985M4434.00
IBN Icici Bank Ltd 10.515.31%0.53Buy15.075M32.056B32.780.3181129.00
UONEK Urban One Inc - Class D 2.005.26%0.10Strong Buy23.694K92.281M-0.27994.00
GASX Direxion Daily Natural Gas Related Bear 3x Shares 19.915.23%0.99Strong Sell24.216K
TCON Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc 3.055.17%0.15Sell258.611K50.785M-1.2126.00
CVGI Commercial Vehicle Group Inc 11.445.15%0.56Buy221.852K335.423M55.270.207000.00
MCHX Marchex Inc - Class B 3.485.14%0.17Strong Buy133.349K144.545M-0.27291.00
IIN Intricon Corp 22.855.06%1.10Buy99.404K149.401M102.770.22561.00
ENS Enersys 75.765.03%3.63Buy663.445K3.131B19.633.739400.00
CNHX Csop Msci China A International Hedged Etf 30.595.01%1.46Buy100
JOB Gee Group Inc 2.735.00%0.13Buy26.003K25.684M-0.24160.00
ICCH Icc Holdings Inc 16.104.99%0.77Sell93248.543M39.920.38
ELLO Ellomay Capital Ltd Ordinary Shares (israel) 9.324.94%0.44Strong Buy28894.829M-0.1910.00
MJX Etfmg Alternative Harvest Etf 35.234.91%1.65Buy1.586M
RXII Rxi Pharmaceuticals Corp 4.504.90%0.21Buy310.933K101.662M-10.8515.00
OMI Owens & Minor Inc 21.664.84%1.00Buy1.908M1.265B16.341.265600.00
ATHM Autohome Inc American Depositary Shares, Each Representing One Class A Ordinary Share 81.674.81%3.75Buy1.521M8.984B34.512.294034.00
IMMR Immersion Corp 7.444.79%0.34Buy724.548K207.684M-2.45132.00
SGMA Sigmatron International Inc 8.984.78%0.41Sell30.376K36.085M15.630.562800.00
NH Nanthealth Inc 3.954.77%0.18Buy526.824K408.403M-1.46922.00
PFMT Performant Financial Corp 2.424.76%0.11Buy685.280K117.721M-0.511211.00
DZSI Dasan Zhone Solutions Inc 10.204.72%0.46Buy143.920K159.609M-0.66622.00
VNRX Volitionrx Ltd 2.914.68%0.13Sell75.751K73.722M-0.5218.00
AUO Au Optronics Corp American Depositary Shares 4.514.64%0.20Buy1.541M4.098B3.371.3057579.00
OPHT Ophthotech Corp 2.984.56%0.13Sell501.672K102.710M1.821.58156.00
DTV Dte Energy Company 2016 Corporate Units 52.724.54%2.29Strong Sell2.113K18.642B19.005.4710000.00
OXBR Oxbridge Re Holdings Ltd - Ordinary Shares 2.304.54%0.10Buy192.539K12.614M-3.962.00
BGFV Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp 6.354.53%0.28Sell2.219M130.168M6.071.019000.00
MAYS J. W. Mays Inc 37.104.51%1.60Sell68374.785M40.230.9230.00
LPL Lg Display Co Ltd American Depository Shares 14.404.50%0.62Strong Buy927.166K9.730B4.073.3849094.00
VGFO Virtus Wmc Global Factor Opportunities Etf 27.474.48%1.18Buy450
PVG Pretium Resources Inc Ordinary Shares (canada) 11.654.48%0.50Buy2.960M2.035B-0.15
BAK Braskem Sa Adr 30.444.46%1.30Buy994.556K11.506B32.260.908126.00
TGEN Tecogen Inc 2.504.45%0.11Sell36.378K59.178M-0.0183.00
MOH Molina Healthcare Inc 89.634.44%3.81Buy2.308M4.900B-5.2721000.00
GVP Gse Systems Inc 3.554.41%0.15Strong Buy48.307K65.957M68.970.05335.00
WIT Wipro Ltd 5.934.40%0.25Strong Buy1.868M22.645B20.290.28160000.00
LEXEB Liberty Expedia Holdings Inc - Series B 47.004.40%1.98Buy1542.793B1.3838.0520075.00
QCOM Qualcomm Inc 68.254.39%2.87Strong Buy24.479M96.381B39.541.6733800.00
NUGT Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares 36.154.39%1.52Buy5.827M
SBBP Strongbridge Biopharma Plc - Ordinary Shares 8.354.38%0.35Strong Buy238.150K318.499M-3.3824.00
EVK Ever-Glory International Group Inc 2.404.35%0.10Buy16.182K34.031M3.320.698300.00
OSN Ossen Innovation Co Ltd - American Depositary Shares 4.014.30%0.17Buy131.855K76.093M4.580.84209.00
FCO Aberdeen Global Income Fund Inc 9.484.29%0.39Buy70.607K
UWN Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc 2.714.23%0.11Strong Buy55.052K43.769M37.630.071180.00
YEXT Yext Inc 12.574.23%0.51Buy687.752K1.100B-0.94700.00
DXYN The Dixie Group Inc 3.704.23%0.15Sell10.329K57.302M-0.161746.00
BPT Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust 27.254.21%1.10Buy1.041M559.610M7.253.600.00
BGG Briggs & Stratton Corp 26.594.15%1.06Strong Buy595.292K1.092B19.881.295300.00
AMED Amedisys Inc 57.034.15%2.27Buy558.114K1.858B43.431.2816000.00
BRN Barnwell Industries Inc 2.304.13%0.09Strong Buy3.951K18.283M15.610.1441.00
CALI China Auto Logistics Inc 4.114.05%0.16Buy48.582K19.120M-0.3281.00
ACER Acer Therapeutics Inc 19.024.05%0.74Buy27.021K134.677M-4.039.00
GFED Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc 23.204.04%0.90Strong Buy1.026K98.606M15.781.43146.00
NERV Minerva Neurosciences Inc 6.504.00%0.25Buy347.788K241.879M-1.1111.00
ZBIO Proshares Ultrapro Short Nasdaq Biotechnology 10.173.99%0.39Strong Sell231.114K
ASR Grupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste, S.a. De C.v 195.803.98%7.49Buy61.202K5.652B23.957.861004.00
MN Manning & Napier Inc Class A 3.953.95%0.15Buy64.529K57.153M16.670.48468.00
ACLS Axcelis Technologies Inc 30.303.95%1.15Buy491.039K910.174M24.421.29814.00
SPB Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc 125.233.94%4.75Buy1.448M6.943B24.025.0616800.00
TZA Direxion Small Cap Bear 3x Shares 11.413.92%0.43Sell13.327M
BTG B2gold Corp Common Shares (canada) 3.193.91%0.12Strong Buy7.326M3.031B98.510.042282.00
ZYME Zymeworks Inc 9.863.88%0.37Buy36.749K240.868M-2.27136.00
EPC Edgewell Personal Care Company 62.023.87%2.31Buy854.095K3.289B897.760.086000.00
MATR Mattersight Corp 2.703.85%0.10Buy65.510K85.103M-0.64265.00
KL Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd 16.743.85%0.62Buy726.701K3.339B33.740.611776.00
HRG Hrg Group Inc 18.933.78%0.69Buy4.463M3.659B-0.3217100.00
EMMS Emmis Communications Corp 3.163.76%0.11Sell47.081K38.710M0.625.03785.00
ROYT Pacific Coast Oil Trust Units Of Beneficial Interest 2.503.73%0.09Buy415.457K92.985M29.070.08
PBUS Powershares Purebeta Msci Usa Portfolio 27.573.71%0.99Strong Buy1.580K
NSEC National Security Group Inc 17.123.69%0.61Strong Buy6.308K43.182M-0.78101.00
SRTY Proshares Ultrapro Short Russell2000 30.043.69%1.07Sell969.151K
IMOS Chipmos Technologies Inc - American Depositary Shares 18.273.69%0.65Buy102.165K786.309M13.301.345686.00
CSSE Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc 10.503.65%0.37Strong Buy42.359K117.549M2.00
BCOM B Communications Ltd - Ordinary Shares 18.503.64%0.65Buy1.442K518.028M13.844.235.00
MICR Micron Solutions Inc 3.603.64%0.13Buy22.999K9.842M-0.4798.00
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