Stocks that have increased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week high can be considered as a technical indicator that reflects the maximum price of a stock for one year which often forms a strong resistance level. There are many investment strategies based on the value of the 52-week high. One such strategy is when you buy and hold stocks that are making new highs in a new 52-week period, or sell stocks that have failed to do that.

AAXJ Ishares Msci All Country Asia Ex Japan Index Fund 80.741.20%0.96Strong Buy1.168MFinancials
ABBV Abbvie Inc 104.361.82%1.87Buy5.385M163.379B24.894.1329000.00Healthcare
ABC Amerisourcebergen Corp 101.301.76%1.75Strong Buy1.865M21.710B61.311.6720000.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
ABMD Abiomed Inc 224.132.77%6.04Strong Buy535.188K9.643B107.302.10908.00Healthcare
ABRN Arbor Realty Trust 7.375% Senior Notes Due 2021 25.820.31%0.08Buy7.401K520.770M8.331.18288.00Financials
ACIM Spdr Msci Acwi Imi Etf 82.551.25%1.02Buy2.119KFinancials
ACWI Ishares Msci Acwi Index Fund 75.660.79%0.59Strong Buy2.499MFinancials
ACWV Ishares Edge Msci Min Vol Global Etf 86.210.69%0.59Buy155.733KFinancials
ACWX Ishares Msci Acwi Ex Us Index Fund 52.470.73%0.38Strong Buy513.502KFinancials
ADI Analog Devices Inc 95.572.65%2.47Buy4.011M34.320B46.932.0115300.00Technology
ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc 122.052.23%2.66Buy2.094M52.948B30.303.9658000.00Technology
ADRA Bldrs Asia 50 Adr Index Fund 37.190.16%0.06Strong Buy1.592KFinancials
ADRU Bldrs Europe 100 Adr Index Fund 23.980.42%0.10Strong Buy4.503KFinancials
ADVM Adverum Biotechnologies Inc 4.656.90%0.30Buy660.200K195.930M-1.5061.00Healthcare
AFG American Financial Group Inc 109.881.00%1.09Strong Buy212.172K9.576B13.977.95400.00Financials
AFK Vaneck Vectors-Africa Index Etf 26.25-0.04%-0.01Buy18.861KFinancials
AGD Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund Shares Of Beneficial Interest 11.280.80%0.09Buy56.098K
AGM.A Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 78.511.30%1.01Buy950859.793M10.957.5881.00Financials
AGT Ishares Msci Argentina And Global Exposure Etf 32.190.38%0.12Strong Buy23.161KFinancials
AGZD Wisdomtree Barclays Interest Rate Hedged U.s. Aggregate Bond Fund 48.450.04%0.02Buy11.272KFinancials
AIA Ishares Asia 50 Etf 70.361.14%0.79Strong Buy72.681KFinancials
ALDW Alon Usa Partners, Lp Common Units Representing Ltd Partner Interests 19.173.06%0.57Buy230.589K1.163B16.171.152830.00Energy
ALFI Alphaclone International Etf 26.432.64%0.68Buy121Financials
ALGN Align Technology Inc 272.253.17%8.37Strong Buy1.175M21.157B80.123.366060.00Healthcare
ALV Autoliv Inc 136.860.71%0.96Buy447.649K11.817B23.415.8261490.00Consumer Cyclicals
AME Ametek Inc 76.031.50%1.12Buy1.298M17.313B31.422.4015700.00Industrials
AMEH Apollo Medical Holdings Inc 27.50-5.17%-1.50Buy35.848K1.058B-2.2930.00Healthcare
AMG Affiliated Managers Group Inc 207.682.30%4.67Buy331.294K11.284B21.969.684100.00Financials
ANDV Andeavor 121.131.66%1.98Buy1.799M18.587B24.434.926300.00Energy
ANET Arista Networks Inc 262.813.97%10.04Strong Buy919.181K18.478B52.485.241500.00Technology
ANSS Ansys Inc 155.751.54%2.36Buy528.702K13.017B48.303.242800.00Technology
ANTM Anthem Inc 249.153.06%7.40Buy1.712M62.072B21.8511.3253000.00Healthcare
ANTX Anthem Inc Corporate Units 60.442.81%1.65Strong Buy303.359K62.072B21.8511.3253000.00Healthcare
AOK Ishares Core Conservative Allocation Etf 34.970.09%0.03Buy90.113KFinancials
APH Amphenol Corp 92.851.72%1.57Strong Buy933.823K27.871B29.153.2362000.00Technology
APPS Digital Turbine Inc 2.055.13%0.10Strong Buy1.546M129.889M-0.30146.00Technology
APTV Aptiv Plc Ordinary Shares 93.561.08%1.00Strong Buy2.119M24.606B18.035.15145000.00Consumer Cyclicals
ARGT Global X Msci Argentina Etf 37.570.43%0.16Strong Buy163.332KFinancials
ARMK Aramark 44.621.41%0.62Buy1.154M10.782B29.641.53169500.00Consumer Cyclicals
ASG Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc 6.002.56%0.15Buy188.921K
ASGN On Assignment Inc 68.383.04%2.02Buy235.149K3.452B30.922.173620.00Industrials
ASHR Xtrackers Harvest Csi 300 China A-Shares Etf 33.200.45%0.15Strong Buy556.649KFinancials
ASML Asml Holding N.v. - Ads Represents 1 Ordinary Share 199.186.87%12.80Buy2.653M81.284B32.815.7115615.00Technology
ASND Ascendis Pharma A/s - American Depositary Shares 49.914.85%2.31Buy275.728K1.731B-4.04101.00Healthcare
ATGE Adtalem Global Education Inc 45.60-1.62%-0.75Strong Buy675.145K2.812B27.021.738869.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
AXJL Wisdomtree Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Total Dividend Fund 73.070.10%0.07Buy1.532KFinancials
BA Boeing Company (the) 351.014.73%15.85Strong Buy9.700M199.614B30.8311.01150500.00Industrials
BAP Credicorp Ltd 225.490.69%1.55Strong Buy102.788K17.843B14.5615.3833467.00Financials
BBRC Columbia Beyond Brics Etf 19.63-0.20%-0.04Buy4.883KFinancials
BBY Best Buy Co Inc 74.262.57%1.86Buy3.200M21.164B18.344.03125000.00Consumer Cyclicals
BCH Banco De Chile Banco De Chile Ads 103.601.43%1.46Strong Buy30.999K16.726B18.335.54Financials
BDX Becton, Dickinson And Company 231.371.24%2.83Strong Buy1.666M52.429B49.124.7741900.00Healthcare
BERN Bernstein U.s. Research Fund 28.521.19%0.34Strong Buy703
BFR Bbva Banco Frances S.a 26.48-0.45%-0.12Buy428.999K5.476B30.750.866142.00Financials
BGG Briggs & Stratton Corp 26.891.13%0.30Buy668.987K1.137B20.701.295300.00Consumer Cyclicals
BICK First Trust Bick Index Fund 32.301.10%0.35Strong Buy8.016KFinancials
BJK Vaneck Vectors Gaming Etf 48.261.58%0.75Strong Buy8.228KFinancials
BKF Ishares Msci Bric Index Fund 48.441.87%0.89Strong Buy97.349KFinancials
BLCN Reality Shares Nasdaq Nextgen Economy Etf 24.250.00%0.00608.496K
BLES Inspire Global Hope Etf 29.670.58%0.17Buy6.203KFinancials
BLK Blackrock Inc 576.512.40%13.51Buy983.901K90.267B18.5830.7013700.00Financials
BLOK Amplify Transformational Data Sharing Etf 20.210.00%0.001.275M
BMO Bank Of Montreal 83.160.68%0.56Buy472.964K53.439B12.967.9545000.00Financials
BOFI Bofi Holding Inc 32.541.02%0.33Buy1.017M2.050B15.402.11681.00Financials
BOKF Bok Financial Corp 96.401.03%0.98Buy149.540K6.246B20.024.774884.00Financials
BOTZ Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Etf 26.991.43%0.38Buy3.447MFinancials
BPMP Bp Midstream Partners Lp Common Units Representing Ltd Partner Interests 22.002.66%0.57Buy238.489K2.245B50.690.420.00Energy
BR Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc 95.181.18%1.11Buy298.690K10.964B32.882.9210000.00Industrials
BRGL Bernstein Global Research Fund 26.990.26%0.07Buy552
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway Inc 321469.001.97%6208.00Buy292518.693B27.7611356.59367700.00Financials
BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway Inc New 214.161.84%3.87Buy4.601M518.693B27.7611356.59367700.00Financials
BRT Brt Apartments Corp (md) 13.300.30%0.04Buy125.493K185.938M13.570.9812.00Financials
BV Bazaarvoice Inc 5.500.00%0.00Buy702.937K473.365M-0.11776.00Technology
BWA Borgwarner Inc 57.912.82%1.59Strong Buy2.016M11.874B40.711.4027000.00Consumer Cyclicals
BXC Bluelinx Holdings Inc 12.5211.09%1.25Buy501.723K102.537M5.282.201600.00Basic Materials
BYD Boyd Gaming Corp 37.212.90%1.05Buy1.179M4.078B43.350.8419932.00Consumer Cyclicals
CAA Calatlantic Group Inc 63.262.88%1.77Buy1.435M6.784B18.253.883055.00Consumer Cyclicals
CAJ Canon Inc American Depositary Shares 39.461.26%0.49Strong Buy309.119K52.267B20.171.93197673.00Technology
CDL Victoryshares Us Large Cap High Div Volatility Wtd Etf 46.090.79%0.36Strong Buy7.005KFinancials
CEE The Central And Eastern Europe Fund Inc (the) 26.902.20%0.58Strong Buy9.883K
CEF Sprott Physical Gold And Silver Trust Units 13.56-1.17%-0.16Strong Buy439.093K
CET Central Securities Corp 28.721.30%0.37Strong Buy22.032K
CEW Wisdomtree Emerging Currency Strategy Fund 19.790.10%0.02Strong Buy484.803KFinancials
CEY Victoryshares Emerging Market High Div Volatility Wtd Etf 27.381.00%0.27Strong Buy852
CEZ Victoryshares Emerging Market Volatility Wtd Etf 31.011.00%0.31Strong Buy2.137KFinancials
CFG Citizens Financial Group Inc 45.841.30%0.59Buy3.730M22.263B18.352.4717200.00Financials
CFO Victoryshares Us 500 Enhanced Volatility Wtd Etf 50.760.91%0.46Buy78.896KFinancials
CGO Calamos Global Total Return Fund 15.39-2.90%-0.46Strong Buy87.117K
CH Aberdeen Chile Fund Inc (the) 9.511.38%0.13Strong Buy56.998K
CHH Choice Hotels International Inc 81.401.81%1.45Strong Buy161.973K4.525B29.622.711789.00Consumer Cyclicals
CHIX Global X China Financials Etf 19.942.05%0.40Strong Buy59.812KFinancials
CHN China Fund Inc (the) 23.321.52%0.35Strong Buy19.960K
CI Cigna Corp 220.362.61%5.61Buy1.411M52.947B23.529.2841000.00Healthcare
CID Victoryshares International High Div Volatility Wtd Etf 37.260.13%0.05Buy4.330KFinancials
CLRG Iq Chaikin U.s. Large Cap Etf 26.490.91%0.24Buy2.190KFinancials
CLYH Ishares Interest Rate Hedged 10 Year Credit Bond Etf 26.62-0.15%-0.04Buy12.572KFinancials
CMD Cantel Medical Corp 111.510.36%0.40Buy138.455K4.645B61.521.812337.00Healthcare
CMPR Cimpress N.v - Ordinary Shares (the Netherlands) 128.092.88%3.59Strong Buy186.643K3.865B-0.6310700.00Industrials
CNC Centene Corp 111.351.88%2.05Buy1.217M18.862B22.604.9830500.00Healthcare
CNDA Iq Canada Small Cap Etf 19.791.28%0.25Strong Buy11.370KFinancials
COHR Coherent Inc 321.915.11%15.64Buy1.063M7.601B36.418.515218.00Technology
COLL Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc 20.98-0.71%-0.15Buy571.630K688.041M-2.97234.00Healthcare
CORI Corium International Inc 12.312.16%0.26Strong Buy294.311K430.699M-1.67213.00Healthcare
CORT Corcept Therapeutics Inc 22.194.13%0.88Strong Buy4.589M2.432B74.220.31103.00Healthcare
COWZ Pacer Us Cash Cows 100 Etf 30.701.24%0.38Strong Buy6.664K
CRBN Ishares Msci Acwi Low Carbon Target Etf 122.860.90%1.09Buy4.976KFinancials
CRC California Resources Corp 23.677.54%1.66Buy1.495M943.526M-4.992000.00Energy
CRUSC Calvert Management Series Calvert Ultra-Short Income Nextshares 100.020.00%0.0047.359K
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc 41.201.63%0.66Buy24.427M200.414B21.051.9472900.00Technology
CSPI Csp Inc 17.695.30%0.89Buy20.104K66.782M26.310.64176.00Technology
CURE Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3x Shares 56.222.78%1.52Strong Buy133.449KFinancials
CVGI Commercial Vehicle Group Inc 12.7911.80%1.35Buy411.797K352.687M58.120.207000.00Consumer Cyclicals
CVGW Calavo Growers Inc 89.401.42%1.25Strong Buy549.695K1.546B41.452.142516.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
CWI Spdr Msci Acwi Ex-Us Etf 40.910.64%0.26Strong Buy215.752KFinancials
CWST Casella Waste Systems Inc 24.291.46%0.35Buy131.111K1.007B-1.292000.00Industrials
CYB Wisdomtree Chinese Yuan Strategy Fund 26.570.41%0.11Strong Buy11.817KFinancials
CZZ Cosan Ltd Class A 10.440.19%0.02Strong Buy499.169K2.814B33.040.3330369.00Energy
DBAP Xtrackers Msci Asia Pacific Ex Japan Hedged Equity Etf 29.930.65%0.19Buy182Financials
DBAW Xtrackers Msci All World Ex Us Hedged Equity Etf 28.800.77%0.22Buy12.183KFinancials
DBBR Xtrackers Msci Brazil Hedged Equity Etf 12.771.75%0.22Strong Buy5.517KFinancials
DBE Powershares Db Energy Fund 15.100.13%0.02Buy75.075KFinancials
DBEF Xtrackers Msci Eafe Hedged Equity Etf 32.810.80%0.26Buy982.304KFinancials
DBEM Xtrackers Msci Emerging Markets Hedged Equity Etf 25.410.75%0.19Strong Buy38.933KFinancials
DBES Xtrackers Msci Eafe Small Cap Hedged Equity Etf 30.570.13%0.04Buy507Financials
DBJP Xtrackers Msci Japan Hedged Equity Etf 46.481.51%0.69Buy332.568KFinancials
DDBI Legg Mason Developed Ex-Us Diversified Core Etf 30.890.18%0.05Buy343Financials
DDF Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund Inc 11.080.54%0.06Strong Buy7.105K
DDJP Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hedged Japan Equity Fund 31.080.08%0.02Buy306Financials
DDM Proshares Ultra Dow30 146.832.51%3.59Strong Buy559.448KFinancials
DECK Deckers Outdoor Corp 83.451.46%1.20Buy478.774K2.629B82.481.023300.00Consumer Cyclicals
DEEF Xtrackers Ftse Developed Ex Us Comprehensive Factor Etf 31.120.52%0.16Buy68.556KFinancials
DEF Guggenheim Defensive Equity Etf 47.980.93%0.44Strong Buy9.422KFinancials
DEFA Ishares Adaptive Currency Hedged Msci Eafe Etf 30.161.23%0.37Strong Buy1.000KFinancials
DEM Wisdomtree Emerging Markets High Dividend Fund 48.271.60%0.76Strong Buy240.820KFinancials
DEMS Democratic Policies Fund 21.510.99%0.21Buy1.000K
DEUS Xtrackers Russell 1000 Comprehensive Factor Etf 33.090.99%0.33Buy36.758KFinancials
DEW Wisdomtree Global High Dividend Fund 50.060.66%0.33Buy5.381KFinancials
DEX Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend Of Beneficial Interest 12.490.00%0.00Buy41.992K
DEZU Ishares Adaptive Currency Hedged Msci Eurozone Etf 30.050.18%0.05Buy716Financials
DFE Wisdomtree Europe Smallcap Dividend Fund 73.760.27%0.20Buy138.380KFinancials
DFND Reality Shares Divcon Dividend Defender Etf 27.890.83%0.23Buy574Financials
DG Dollar General Corp 100.502.09%2.06Buy2.554M26.733B21.814.52121000.00Consumer Cyclicals
DGRE Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Quality Dividend Growth Fund 28.161.88%0.52Buy38.499KFinancials
DGRO Ishares Core Dividend Growth Etf 36.371.06%0.38Buy583.502KFinancials
DGRW Wisdomtree U.s. Quality Dividend Growth Fund 43.511.33%0.57Buy173.425KFinancials
DGS Wisdomtree Emerging Market Smallcap Fund 54.631.15%0.62Strong Buy105.885KFinancials
DHS Wisdomtree U.s. High Dividend Fund 73.990.85%0.62Strong Buy31.934KFinancials
DIA Spdr Dow Jones Industrial Average Etf 261.081.27%3.27Strong Buy6.144MFinancials
DIM Wisdomtree International Midcap Dividend Fund 72.240.59%0.42Strong Buy11.804KFinancials
DK Delek Us Holdings Inc 39.132.35%0.90Buy1.477M3.114B121.990.331326.00Energy
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