Stocks that have reached their monthly high

The table below displays the list of stocks that are at their monthly highs. Stocks with the highest monthly price change indicate that there is a constant interest from various market participants. Such price movement can continue when the fundamentals are strong.

21STCENMGM 21st Century Manag 43.451.64%0.70Buy13.429K
21STCENMGM Twentyfirst Century Management 43.751.98%0.85Strong Buy14.086K
4THGEN Fourth Generation Information 1.960.00%0.00Buy0
5PAISA 5paisa Capital Limited 330.90-3.70%-12.70Buy4.215K4.348BFinancials
5PAISA 5paisa Capital Ltd 332.20-2.67%-9.10Buy24.929K4.348BFinancials
AARVINFRA Aarv Infratel Limited 2.250.00%0.00Buy0
AASHEE Aashee Infotech Ltd. 2.550.00%0.00Sell0
ABANSENT Abans Enterprises Limited 5.320.00%0.00Buy0
ABCGAS Abc Gas (international) Ltd. 24.000.00%0.00Buy0
ACCEL Accel Transmatic Ltd. 3.204.92%0.15Buy4.140K33.664M-2.40396.00Technology
ACEMEN Ace Men Engg Works Limited 21.500.00%0.00Buy0
ACTIONFI Action Financial Services (ind 9.150.00%0.00Buy0114.416M2.603.5236.00Financials
ADARSH Adarsh Mercantile Ltd 5.140.00%0.00Buy0
ADCON Adcon Capital Services Limited 12.470.00%0.00Sell0
ADDIND Addi Industries Ltd. 10.505.00%0.50Buy54113.364M95.970.11Consumer Cyclicals
ADHBHUTIN Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd. 81.600.00%0.00Buy0897.600M-0.40Financials
ADINATH Adinath Textiles Ltd. 5.800.00%0.00Buy0
ADSDIAG Ads Diagnostic Ltd. 11.340.00%0.00Buy0
ADVPETR_B Advance Petrochemicals Ltd. 37.600.00%0.00Buy0
ADVPOWER Advance Powerinfra Tech Limite 2.694.67%0.12Strong Buy2.000K31.307M-2.360.00Industrials
AGRIMONY Agrimony Commodities Ltd 3.000.00%0.00Sell0
AJWAFUN Ajwa Fun World & Resort Ltd. 21.650.00%0.00Buy0
ALCHCORP Alchemist Corporation Ltd. 6.944.99%0.33Strong Buy100
ALFL Abhinav Leasing & Finance Limi 1.650.00%0.00Buy81582.467M-0.02Financials
ALKASEC Alka Securities Ltd. 0.563.70%0.02Buy68.510K51.808M13.310.04Financials
ALNATRD Alna Trading & Exports Ltd. 28.950.00%0.00Buy0
AMANITRA Amani Trading & Exports Ltd. 63.200.00%0.00Buy044.221M45.871.38Consumer Cyclicals
AMARDEE Amradeep Industries Ltd. 0.940.00%0.00Sell062.105M4.680.20Basic Materials
AMAZEENT Amaze Entertech Limited 40.450.00%0.00Sell0
AMITSEC Amit Securities Ltd. 4.750.00%0.00Sell0
AMRAAGRI Amraworld Agrico Ltd. 0.270.00%0.00Buy0
ANANDPROJ Anand Projects Ltd 18.300.00%0.00Buy0
ANISHAIMPEX Anisha Impex Ltd 26.954.86%1.25Strong Buy10.000K
ANJANIFOODS Anjani Foods Limited 28.250.00%0.00Buy0
ANKIN Anka India Ltd. 18.600.00%0.00Buy0
ANNAINFRA Anna Infrastructures Ltd. 7.730.00%0.00Sell029.374MFinancials
ANSHNCO Anshuni Commercials Ltd. 3.990.00%0.00Buy0
ANSHUS Anshus Clothing Ltd. 1.414.44%0.06Buy3117.582M-8.71Consumer Cyclicals
ANSINDUS Ans Industries Ltd 23.600.00%0.00Buy100
ANUBHAV Anubhav Infrastructure Limited 9.030.00%0.00Sell0
ANUPMAL Anup Malleable Ltd. 17.500.00%0.00Buy0
APIL Avi Products India Limited 28.150.00%0.00Buy0
APIS Apis India Ltd. 17.700.00%0.00Buy0
APOORVA Apoorva Leasing Finance & Inve 4.600.00%0.00Sell0
APTL Artech Power & Trading Limited 6.434.89%0.30Buy4.508K90.961M-0.04Financials
ARCEEIN Arcee Industries Ltd. 1.750.00%0.00Buy0
ARHNTTO Arihant Tournesol Ltd. 21.400.00%0.00Buy0
ARISE Arihants Securities Ltd. 7.824.97%0.37Strong Buy5.030K
ARISINT Aris International Ltd. 12.070.00%0.00Sell0
ASAHIIND Asahi Industries Limited 2.940.00%0.00Sell0195.341MConsumer Cyclicals
ASFLORA Asian Flora Ltd. 2.730.00%0.00Sell0
ASHAI Ashiana Agro Industries Ltd. 2.780.00%0.00Buy0
ASHARI Ashari Agencies Limited 51.001.29%0.65Buy30.794K431.928M20.682.43Financials
ASHFL Akme Star Housing Finance Limi 113.60-2.15%-2.50Buy4.797K1.402B72.571.60Financials
ASHOKRE Ashoka Refineries Ltd. 11.380.00%0.00Sell0
ASHRAM Ashram Ltd. 1.080.00%0.00Buy0
ASHUTPM Ashutosh Paper Mills Ltd. 3.021.68%0.05Buy107
ASIACAP Asia Capital Limited 15.800.00%0.00Buy0
ASINPET Asian Petroproducts & Exports 3.580.00%0.00Buy0
ASISL Asis Logistics Limited 4.300.00%0.00Sell0
ASPIRA Aspira Pathlab & Diagnostics L 11.320.00%0.00Neutral0-9.39Healthcare
ASWTR Aaswa Trading & Exports Ltd. 15.450.00%0.00Buy015.238M-0.04Consumer Cyclicals
ATLANTADEV Atlanta Devcon Limited 0.910.00%0.00Buy012.798M-0.03Industrials
AUTOINT Autoriders International Ltd. 20.050.00%0.00Sell0
AUTOPINS Auto Pins (india) Ltd. 28.050.00%0.00Sell0
AVI Avi Polymers Ltd. 9.190.00%0.00Buy0
AVTIL Avtil Enterprise Limited 6.300.00%0.00Neutral0
AXISE1GPG Axis Mutual Fund 10.200.00%0.00Buy0
AXISE2DPD Axis Mutual Fund 10.940.00%0.00Buy0
AXISGOLD Axis Mutual Fund 2692.10-0.37%-9.90Buy113
AXISGOLD Axis Mutual Fund - Axis Gold E 2729.990.89%24.04Strong Buy3
AXISRAIL Axis Rail India Limited 9.000.00%0.00Sell0
AXONVL Axon Ventures Limited 2.274.61%0.10Strong Buy16616.579M-0.06Technology
BAFNAPHARM Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 27.60-0.36%-0.10Buy4.839K522.377M27.961.00572.00Healthcare
BAGADIA Bagadia Colourchem Ltd. 13.994.95%0.66Buy60051.623MBasic Materials
BAJRFIN Bajrang Finance Ltd. 11.970.00%0.00Buy017.307M-12.35Financials
BANSTEA Bansisons Tea Industries Ltd. 9.050.00%0.00Buy0
BAPACK B&a Packaging India Limited 2.500.00%0.00Buy0
BARONINF Baron Infotech Ltd. 0.330.00%0.00Buy0
BBREALTY B&b Realty Limited 4.450.00%0.00Sell0
BEMHY Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. 180.204.98%8.55Strong Buy2.185K375.347MIndustrials
BERYLSE Beryl Securities Ltd. 3.530.00%0.00Buy0
BFLAFL Bfl Asset Finvest Limited 73.800.00%0.00Buy0
BGJL Bhakti Gems And Jewellery Limi 20.500.24%0.05Buy18.000K
BGPL Bio Green Papers Ltd 2.490.00%0.00Buy2.497K
BHANDERI Bhanderi Infracon Ltd 128.700.00%0.00Sell0334.182M46.302.78Financials
BHATEXT Bharat Textiles & Proofing Ind 5.500.00%0.00Buy0
BIHSPONG Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd. 3.13-4.86%-0.16Strong Buy36.677K296.776M-0.20513.00Basic Materials
BIJHANS Bijoy Hans Ltd. 20.050.00%0.00Neutral0
BLBLEND Blue Blends 19.200.00%0.00Buy0636.546M10.412.82Consumer Cyclicals
BLOIN Bloom Industries Ltd. 5.144.90%0.24Strong Buy6.400K
BLUCHIP Bluechip Stockspin Ltd. 2.040.00%0.00Buy0
BLUECHIP Blue Chip India Ltd. 0.210.00%0.00Sell0
BLUECOAST Blue Coast Hotels Ltd. 144.000.00%0.00Buy01.597B605.00Consumer Cyclicals
BOMBPOT Bombay Potteries & Tiles Ltd. 2505.300.00%0.00Buy0
BOMBWIR Bombay Wire Ropes Ltd. 1.200.00%0.00Neutral0
BOMOXY_B1 Bombay Oxygen Corporation Ltd. 5680.500.00%0.00Buy0852.075M415.94Basic Materials
BONINDL Bonanza Industries Ltd. 20.351.75%0.35Buy40
BOSTONTEK Boston Teknowsys (india) Ltd 13.820.00%0.00Buy0
BPCAP B. P. Capital Ltd 15.000.00%0.00Strong Buy1.250K
BPTEX Blue Pearl Texspin Limited 14.650.00%0.00Buy0
BRANDREAL Brand Realty Services Ltd. 60.000.00%0.00Buy0
BRIPORT Brilliant Portfolios Ltd. 6.650.00%0.00Buy0
BSLGOLDETF Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual F 2928.002.74%78.00Strong Buy28
BSLGOLDETF Birla Sun Life Ass 2855.00-0.17%-5.00Buy175
BSLRIFS2RG Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual F 9.100.00%0.00Sell0
BULL Bullish Bonds & Holdings Limit 61.955.00%2.95Buy2
BWLLTD Bwl Ltd. 25.450.00%0.00Buy0243.642M-1.04Basic Materials
CALCOM Calcom Vision Ltd. 13.680.00%0.00Buy30.000K110.976M7.842.37231.00Consumer Cyclicals
CAPRICORN Capricorn Systems Global Solut 7.350.00%0.00Sell0
CEENIK Ceenik Exports (india) Ltd. 8.250.00%0.00Sell0
CENPORT Century Twentyfirst Portfolio 10.000.00%0.00Sell020.709M-0.03Financials
CENTERAC Centerac Technologies Ltd. 1.660.00%0.00Strong Buy10.000K
CESL Ces Limited 8.180.00%0.00Buy0
CFL Classic Filaments Limited 17.850.00%0.00Buy0
CHASBRT Chase Bright Steel Ltd. 25.500.00%0.00Buy0
CHDCHEM Chd Chemicals Limited 11.920.00%0.00Buy0
CHENFERRO Chennai Ferrous Industries Lim 5.714.96%0.27Buy2
CHHATTIND Chhattisgarh Industries Ltd. 7.990.00%0.00Buy0
CHITRTX Chitradurga Spintex Ltd. 9.340.00%0.00Buy0
CHPLIND Chpl Industries Ltd. 18.100.00%0.00Buy0
CIANAGRO Cian Agro Ind & Infra Ltd 47.150.00%0.00Buy01.320B39.281.20Consumer Non-Cyclicals
CINDRELL Cindrella Financial Services L 2.880.00%0.00Buy0
CISTRO Cistro Telelink Ltd. 0.200.00%0.00Buy0
CITIPOR Citiport Financial Services Lt 9.550.00%0.00Buy0
CITIZYN Citizen Yarns Ltd. 0.450.00%0.00Buy0
CITYMAN Cityman Ltd. 4.940.00%0.00Buy0
CITYONLINE City Online Services Limited 6.260.00%0.00Buy0
CJGEL C.j.gelatine Products Ltd. 9.730.00%0.00Buy0
CLASELE Classic Electricals Ltd. 15.500.00%0.00Sell0
CLFL Classic Leasing & Finance Ltd. 3.020.00%0.00Sell0
CMBL Corporate Merchant Bankers Lim 16.000.00%0.00Buy0
COARO Coastal Roadways Ltd. 20.900.00%0.00Sell0
COASTCORP Coastal Corporation Ltd. 88.300.00%0.00Buy0224.476MConsumer Non-Cyclicals
COMBDRG Combat Drugs Ltd. 27.400.00%0.00Buy1.656K
CONTAINER Containerway International Lim 13.770.00%0.00Buy0
CONTILI Contil India Ltd. 8.15-3.44%-0.29Buy435
CONTPTR Continental Petroleums Ltd. 42.005.00%2.00Strong Buy1.100K
CORAGRO Coromandel Agro Products & Oil 2.580.00%0.00Buy0
COVENTRY Coventry Coil-O-Matic (haryana 3.550.00%0.00Strong Buy016.003M-2.24Consumer Cyclicals
CREATIVE Creative Castings Limited 196.900.00%0.00Buy0
CRIMSON Crimson Metal Engineering Comp 7.470.00%0.00Buy0
CRMFGETF Canara Robeco Mutual Fund - Ca 2875.000.35%10.00Buy1
CSL Continental Securities Limited 6.500.00%0.00Sell0
CUBIFIN Cubical Financial Services Ltd 1.190.00%0.00Buy0192.903MFinancials
DASL Deepti Alloy Steel Limited 25.40-0.39%-0.10Buy9.202K
DECANBRG Deccan Bearings Ltd. 27.250.00%0.00Buy0
DECOMIC Deco-Mica Ltd. 35.100.00%0.00Buy6.700K
DELTA Delta Industrial Resources Lim 8.900.00%0.00Sell0
DELTRON Deltron Ltd. 15.750.00%0.00Buy0
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