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A bond is a contract between an entity that borrows money and a creditor that lends it to the entity. When you purchase a bond, you are effectively giving a loan to the bond issuer. With government bonds, also known as sovereign bonds, a national government borrows money to fund its operations. The bond specifies what interest rate (coupon) will be paid and at which times during the life of the bond and when the principal funds, also known as face value, will be returned. This is called the maturity date. Bonds are an asset class by themselves that offers more stability than stocks.

The return on a bond is known in advance, which makes them low risk investments, although the risk is related to the credit rating of the bond issuer. If the coupon rate is higher than the prevailing interest rates, a bond becomes attractive so the demand for these bonds will increase, driving up their price. If the bond interest is lower than the prevailing interest rates, their price will drop, so bonds are inversely correlated to interest rates.


US 10Y
US Government Bonds 10 YR
US Government Bonds 5 YR
US Government Bonds 2 YR
US Treasury Bonds 1-3Y
Ishares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF
US Corporate Bonds 0-5Y
Shares 0-5 YEAR High Yield Corporate Bond ETF
US Agg Bond Index
Vanguard US Aggregate BND INDX ETF(CAD-HEG)UN
Germany 10Y
German Government Bonds 10 YR
Spain 10Y
Spain Government Bonds 10 YR
France 10Y
France Government Bonds 10 YR
Italy 10Y
Italy Government Bonds 10 YR
UK 10Y
UK Government Bonds 10 YR
Euro Bund
Euro Bund
Australia 10Y
Australia Government Bonds 10 YR
China 10Y
China Government Bonds 10 YR
India 10Y
India Government Bonds 10 YR
Japan 10Y
Japan Government Bonds 10 YR
South Korea 10Y
Korea Government Bonds 10 YR
Indonesia 10Y
Indonesia Government Bonds 10 YR


formyeyesonly formyeyesonly US30, D, Long ,
2 0 2
US30, D Long


PRO_Indicators PRO_Indicators PRO DE10Y, D, Long ,
DE10Y: GERMAN 10Y YIELD / D1 : Wave 2 entry before extended wave 3
9 0 1
DE10Y, D Long
GERMAN 10Y YIELD / D1 : Wave 2 entry before extended wave 3

This is my scenario on german 10y yield (I'll trade that through bunds contracts). I'll sell bunds (so expect yields to raise) whenever the 10y will yield at 0,36%. The target is shown on the chart and the stop as well !

PRO_Indicators PRO_Indicators PRO US30, D, Short ,
US30: DOW / D1 : updated count and potential reversal zone
39 0 3
US30, D Short
DOW / D1 : updated count and potential reversal zone

The recent US equities price actions forced me to update the previous wave count that has been invalidated. I think the latest subwave 3 may have been extended (wich is rare to see happening on higher degree wave 5.. but still it can). Plus, the current price action is absolutely not what we could expect after an ending diagonal (what the previous count was ...

PRO_Indicators PRO_Indicators PRO US30, 180, Short ,
US30: DOW / H3 : complex correction probable... but not bull yet
47 0 2
US30, 180 Short
DOW / H3 : complex correction probable... but not bull yet

No need to go complex on this description.. the chart says it all.. To me we're heading to a complex correction, probably a "double-three" or "triple three" structure. Why ? Cause there's no strength in this market, Sinewave shows no signs of a bottom structure and we haven't even retraced 13% from the last impulse. Those who are familiar with my scenarios on US ...

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, D, Short ,
25 0 1
US30, D Short

FINALLY - I've seen an entry to short - Please see chart, target is a pullback to the 618 level. Keep Safe & like if it helps

adatherton adatherton PRO US30, D,
US30: $DJT leading $DJIA
69 0 0
US30, D
$DJT leading $DJIA

Not confirmed by volume though.

adatherton adatherton PRO US30, D,
US30: $DJIA Roundpoint Pullbacks
252 0 1
US30, D
$DJIA Roundpoint Pullbacks

Clear pattern at 20,000 and 21,000 implies some consolidation here.

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Long ,
US30: US30 - 1hr - Long
28 0 1
US30, 60 Long
US30 - 1hr - Long

Market is making a position to stay bullish. I would expect price to reach target, but long term would be bullish

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Short ,
US30: US30 -1hr Short
29 0 1
US30, 60 Short
US30 -1hr Short

The market has made a good rally, but I see a strong trendily that needs to break for my view to change to bullish - Looking to short

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Long ,
US30: US30 - 1hr - Long
15 0 1
US30, 60 Long
US30 - 1hr - Long

Advanced bullish pattern forming. Price approaching support confluence. I might be wrong, but I favour price to go to the upside Fingers crossed

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Long ,
US30: US30 - 1hr - Long
16 0 2
US30, 60 Long
US30 - 1hr - Long

I've had a change of heart. After looking at the chart there is a possibility that this might move higher I have gone long instead at 20938

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Short ,
US30: US30 -1hr - short
12 0 1
US30, 60 Short
US30 -1hr - short

The Dow is struggling to push higher. I have a resistance trendily coming in along with structure telling me price is looking to move lower - but is stubborn. :) If price does move in my favour then it could form an advanced pattern

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 240,
11 0 1
US30, 240

Could someone please help me. I am wanting to know where I should start my fibonacci tool once an ABCD pattern has completed. At point D, a retracement occurs, at what point should I use the fib tool. Should I start at A to D or C to D to figure out the retracement. Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help

SaeedRehman SaeedRehman US30, 60, Short ,
US30: US30 1hr - short
14 0 1
US30, 60 Short
US30 1hr - short

Looking to see this go down. Price has made strong impulse up, but I feel it may be false. Price is now at the 786 retracement. Wish me luck :) Entry 20950 Stop 20975 Target 20800 level

pipinsight pipinsight PRO US30, 15, Long ,
US30: DJIA: Long then short
26 0 2
US30, 15 Long
DJIA: Long then short

Difficult one to predict with investors buying in to metals ready for a market crash. However, it does seem to be acting like any other healthy stock. Don't be shocked for a Short soon as I've indicated.

phillofficial phillofficial US30, 15, Long ,
US30: US30 - LONG
53 0 3
US30, 15 Long

EXPECTING A RALLY LONG TO 20021! Bearish break Higher Low Fail S&R Broken & more...

MarkusG MarkusG EUBUND, 15, Long ,
EUBUND: Long German BUND now
37 0 1
EUBUND, 15 Long
Long German BUND now

Buy signal generated.

YProsper YProsper USB10YUSD, 240, Long ,
USB10YUSD: 10 Year Notes
13 0 0
USB10YUSD, 240 Long
10 Year Notes

Long from 124.78 Looking to take stops going into the daily block

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