Blowing up accounts can be a good thing

OANDA:US30USD   US Wall St 30
In this screencast I show some of my positions which are mirrored on my live account. I say that blowing up Tradingview paper accounts is a good thing. The present account has not been blown up for about a year, which is much better than before. I used to blow up an paper account every 3 to 6 months before. It's a very safe space to gain experience, to fail repeatedly but learning from the 'punisher' (the markets).

I show a couple key positions and how I thought about them.

I assert that a bit of common sense is useful when you know the characteristics of the instrument you're exploiting. But learning how each instrument tends to 'behave' can only be discovered by spending time and interacting in the markets. So I don't trust Wall Street - at all! I'll tighten my stops more aggressively if I'm in a very favourable position. Same for Yen pairs and Gold . USDJPY is relatively tame compared to other forex pairs just from my experience on 4H time frames.

I'm delighted to point the way for new traders. PM me questions if you wish but I don't give advice, sell signals or courses/services, or give hot tips. I believe in facilitating new traders to discover their own best methods which match their individual psychologies.
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