The Seven Potentially Disastrous Investments of 2020

NYSE:PFE   Pfizer, Inc
It is always a challenge to write a fitting prelude to a Year, and even more so in the case of 2020. And, as opposed to some of the other large financial newswires, we won’t tell you all about how the editorial team learnt to bake bread and took their dogs for too many walks. Or how we rediscovered the amazing English countryside. No, we want to focus on some of the investment ups and downs that 2020 was so generous with.
The Requiem to 2020 needs to start earlier than 2020. In fact, we highlighted to our readers the detailed timeline of the dreaded plague in a story published in April. In the Article we noted that November the 17th 2019 was the day of the first recorded case of COVID-19. And this is really where the story of 2020 must start.