Levels -
Buy - CMP
T1 - 250
SL1 - 230
T2 - 280
SL2 - 220

The stock has turned around from its interim support after dipping to the level of 232. It is expected to witness the levels of 240 and then 280 in short and long term respectively. The target levels and their corresponding SL's are listed above. The primary reason for this anticipated up move is the shortage of semiconductors in global markets required for manufacturing cars, laptops, etc. Motherson Sumi is one of the manufacturers with global clients. Demand for its manufactured products is expected to increase, resulting in to increase in the order book, thereby increased profits.

NOTE: These findings and levels are purely based upon the knowledge and understanding of the post publisher. The idea here is to predict the future price movements hence, please do not consider this as stock advice or recommendation.