GBP/USD BUYS - 04.06.21

OANDA:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
Looking for price to create support/reject the 4h zone, will be closely monitoring the reaction on a LTF to find a good entry with a tight stop loss, will anticipate the price to reach at least the other 4H level before securing some profit and maybe letting a winner run... we'll see.
Comment: I will be looking for an entry at around 1.4082, anticipating the EU market open to drive the price down to create a lower wick
Comment: Entered the trade at 1.4086, should of entered at 1.4082 (tip of the wick) but I hesitated.. got out of the trade at 1.41048, 17 pips profit... Better options would of been keep my automatic TP at Target 1 or if I wanted to extend the trade into an intraday one was just move SL to BE and leave it be...

It most likely will have another 100 pip move to the upside.. still profit is profit, done for the week.. Check back next week suckaaas
Comment: pissed lol, 17 pips out of 40..


100 pip move near from entry... 17 secured looool
Need to learn to let my winners run
🥲🥲 a win is still a win right ...