EURUSD Sunday-Monday price movement

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Sweep of lower luquidity of previous days low + Break of weekly low.
Followed by a seaking of higher luquidity postitions, to then be awarded a continuation of bearish momentum to lower levels.

Once price hits the lower levels following Tuedays price and onwards, Price prediciton will be made from reactions on key luqitity levels higher/lower dependent on fib placements.
Comment: As spoken about below, Buy entry was made on Sundays price opening as the gap appeared to sweep tight lower liquidity.

Currently just got tagged via the SELL stop so will now wait for the BUY that i took earlier to breach high luquidity, if not, it will hit the stop loss that i moved to 1.19255.

Sell Entry is currently being held, expecting a breach of lower levels, if not then we will se how it reacts to last weeks upper band to determine if we are looking for longs/ breaks of last weeks band.
Trade closed: target reached: Early entry on the BUY on Sundays opening TP hit, RR = 1/7.7.

Entry on SELL SL currently on predicted exit, RR = 1/4.44.
Holding the SELL to the 1.1848 level.


Entry was made early due to market open sweeping lower liquidity levels.
Buy entry was made at 1.18742, currently holding out to see if liquidity levels above the 1.1937 levels to which i will be looking for sell positions targeting 1.185 and lower.
Entries will flow with price action around the levels 1.18435 - 1.18030 for the buy.
And levels 1.19196 - 1.19446 levels for sell positions. So if you are thinking of maybe keeping track of my idea/prediction, keep in mind that there needs to be allocated wiggle room for the entries as price is never perfect.

Thank you for the likes, Wish you all the best for the following weeks trading (y)