Cup and handle action on EOS

Indicators show a cup and handle action on EOS .

MACD : Bullish
RSI: in overbought on daily chart but not hourly chart, but still showing positive slopes.
SMA: Showing good support on SMAs

The cup resistance has potentially seen a breakout, with BTC bouncing up from a low, there may be potential for short term upside assuming BTC turns bearish again, if BTC stays rebounding upward there is potential for greater return.

Note these are just what the indicators are suggesting from my reading and is meant for entertainment purpose.

Om Shanti
Comment: EOS/BTC handle has continued, and showing signs of a bull flag having formed. Provided BTC doesn't go for an immediate dip we should see EOS capitalise on the cup and handle like VEN did a day or two ago. This could double the value of EOS.

**Note this analysis is intended for educational purposes and not financial advise**
Comment: Hi crypto people,

EOS is looking good and still bullish, only thing against it is the fact its been going high for awhile so there is a long way down. However, it looks like the cup resistance was broken and we could see EOS take a leap further in coming days, provided BTC does not do anything too crazy. However, both EOS and VEN have tended to be more resistance compared to other cryptos to the fluctuations in BTC.

This week we saw a lot of cup and handles but only a few had successful breakouts, one notable being VEN. EOS is shaping up well now so might be worth taking a position with a stop loss at the handle support.

**Note this analysis is intended for educational purposes and not financial advise**