is doge about to gone above our expectation again ?

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after having almost 44% price correction in $doge so many people panic but accourding to ichimuko it's just walking it's own way up to those prices that is out of our imagination!
price correction happens! as you can see price touched the kijunsen line and went back higher than $0.50 ...
it's gonna rest in this price point for a while and then rise again, what i see is; from top to bottom: price, tenkansen,kijunsen and green rising comi cloud which tells us this stuck is in a bullish trend . also RSI is around 64 which means doge hase room to increase in price.
if price goes below $0.45 that's a bad sign! be aware of that and also the resistance line is $0.70.
accourding to fibonachi next first target is $1 ... and then $1.35 , $1.93 , $2.5 and $2.8! i personally would cash out at $2.8 and just watch it how makes me regret it immediately :D
don't forget, nobody can see future !
have a nice day ...