Next few days BTC prediction

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Dear traders, as you see the colored line in picture, and as the price action analysis, it is the third time that the price is thouching the resistant line. That is shown with purple and red line. The red line specifically is the Longer term than purple one. Therefore it is more reliable to touch and pullback the price, but the purple line is acceptable too.
I guess the price is thouching these two lines and the rise to higher price rapidly.
Comment: As you see, we are closed to point number 3, it's a very big moment to choose the direction. getting up or laying down?
Comment: In my opinion, I think the chinese FUD news is coused the "dropp". It's time to buy more coins and HODL for next fewer month.
Comment: Floor price is received.
Comment: Till the day, we have trading range and it is important for price to making the basis of upgoing or downward motion.