BTC/USDT Double top HOT

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Hi today im gonna try to ride down this double top on dayli chart with very low risk i was waiting long time for this moment so good luck everyone!
Comment: So price is slowly moving in our direction im currently in 30% profit with 20x with very tight SL my exit price would be around 53K.BTW i hit my first TP at 55.200 but i believe its gonna go more down side so lets see GL everyone whos still in!!


I've taken the same position - derisked till it comes back down. Potential breakout not worth the risk in my opinion - happy to go back in once stabilised
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awesome 😍
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Marcosarls Studyofbitcoin
@Studyofbitcoin, Thank you but im just not very sure about this prediction at the moment thats why im used very low risk :)
Everyone sees the double top. Good luck to you. Yeah, low leverage is appropriate on this trade. BTC want to break through on the next run up, careful!
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Marcosarls SIGPokerKing
@SIGPokerKing, Thank you.Thats what i dindt forgot to mention LOW RISK TRADE but big gains if its go our side :)
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good luck hope it goes your way
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Marcosarls Jaiii_Pharaoh
@Jaiii_Pharaoh, Thank you appreciate that we using very low Risk management so our loses not gonna be so big if its go upside :)
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So whales made a big move at 56.5 now we are on road to 70k i guess, but longer time frames indicators are exhausting.
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Marcosarls sumairk
@sumairk, tweaking changing my system of the trading everyday specially in BTC because its somethink new and its working a different way as normal market.learning everyday
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sumairk Marcosarls
@Marcosarls, Yes open interest volume indicator for btc futures is must.
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