BTC/USDT Long 5 signals

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
This is how i see prediction for BTC /USDT
1. Price goeing down to our trend line which was working exactly 1 month ago.
2.On the RSI indicator we have loads of room to goeing.
3.Im not sure about divergence (still learning) but i can see classic divergence on MACD .
4.We can see symetrical triangle on the 1H and 4H chart so easiest way how to trade this pattern is to wait which way price would like to go.
5. MACD strong crossing signal.
My recomendation is to wait for price to break bottom or top trend line and than jump in to the trade.
GL everyone!!
Comment: So as we can see we broke bottom trend line as i didnt expect because loads of signals for long but we can still trade this market i would go for short possition as u can see on graph my views are on 41K price lets see whats goeing to happen.
Comment: As we can see we fully break top trend line and it should be end of the correction in normal market condition.


Hey there , I like your opinion that say wait for now , I always recommend that golden advice in tradin at any markets . guys just wait ...
Marcosarls rezatrader1361
@rezatrader1361, Hey i just read your comment and if im mentioning somethink about waiting i will say wait until (somethink happen) for example break top trend line and so on
I like your analysis brother but once your marked out key support breaks we could be seeing an unwanted drop to the 38k level.
Marcosarls victor6
@victor6, thats why im said lets wait for break bottom or top trend line to open trade but thank you apreciate your coment :)
sorry but when you are in correction mode The Rsi & MACD are hidden divergence so it cuase mabe bearish again
Marcosarls hnasim575
@hnasim575, well im still in phase learning so thank you for your information :)