BTC Binaryx 40 000 ? when correction will be ?

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There is a likelihood of going to 40 ,000 to break through the next psychological level, this may happen before January 15-30. (If in numbers, this is about 10% growth)
Trading volumes are decreasing, which means that there are no real buyers today. Usually robots drive the price this way, luring those who expect endless growth. In order to “safely” buy BTC at the current price, we have to trade in the range of 32,000 -34,000 by March 15-30, 2021, this will bring the current price to the average current for the future date.
Accordingly, a correction awaits us, either from the current values, or from mid-end of January. The corrective impulse will reach $ 16,000 - $ 19,000 (the weighted average price of BTC at the current time). With a sharp correction, you can buy BTC in the above range with the aim of selling at 20-25,000. Then there will be oscillations and a decrease in their amplitude. Bitcoin will trade along a horizontal line, this will be the best move for investment purchases for the long term (vertical growth is currently underway).
Let's turn to the history of 2018. On the weekly chart, we saw 5 unidirectional candles on the 6th , a correction has already begun, which amounted to 45% of the maximum price.
Today's growth has already reached 4 equidirectional weekly candles, another two weeks and we should start a correction. Let's take the maximum USD 40 ,000 in numbers, 45% of the correction is 18,000, that is, the price will reach 22,000 and this can happen in a week (analogue of 2018) The risk of losing part of the capital that exists after the acquisition of BTC is quite large today. For an investor, the current moment is very unfavorable for acquiring BTC in the long term.