BTCUSD Bullish Case

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There is a possibility for a triple bottom and potential reversal. Let's see how this plays out.

This is not forecast unlike my other charts, just an idea/possibility that has a realistic chance to come to fruition.

People called 4k when we hit 6k bottom and where I bought, people called for 4.8k at 6.45k where I bought, people called for 5k at 6.1k where I bought (few days ago, as seen from my post in other chart),
likewise I sold at the tops when people called for moon. So, I feel pretty confident and like to keep all possibilities open and I think 13k is realistic and will be met someday and this third time has the highest chance.
If it fails, then we can look at the gold chart how this will look like, which I highly doubt, since big money has not entered yet.
Comment: To expand to that note, it's possible we go dip a bit below previous low, but that won't happen in my view, since the bottom is set, was firm and solid with v-shape reaction like 6k bottom with a ton more volume, especially on fiat exchanges (so people are still interested), so now it's time for accumulation, since the supply has been dried up. So, as far as I'm concerned, this bottom is set (and I called it an hour in advance) and won't go lower.

What we have right now is a bullish structure and I don't think we break red resistance line on the 3rd try, but pullback, then 4th break to target at the end of year or even higher.

People who like to buy lower waiting for another 2-10% discount since previous low will probably miss out to buy at 25%+ premium, that is my opinion. Market doesn't care where your order is at.
Comment: Btc is showing some weakness, would like to see accumulation at a bit lower prices and more volume, hopefully next week.
Stop loss is required if you trade, if you're a hodler, then this price should be fine to add to inventory (discount % vs ath). Not investment advice, just opinion.
Comment: I just cannot understand most people.

They want low price and say they gonna buy it, once price goes to their target, suddenly they don't want it. Then they want to buy when price is (going) high to a point those who bought low are starting to sell.

Likewise, people all want to buy bottom, but when price goes below what market values, it will pump up 50-75% straight rocket up and price is already way higher than if they bought now. Then they blame exchanges that they go offline, errors or outages, when in reality, they could have scaled in if they walked the talk way in advance.

Better to stick to a plan and leave your order then on exchange or buy every month and don't look back, that way you don't have to say "I should" or blame this or that for your own mistakes.

Most people are just weird.
Comment: 13k this year, 31k next year.

Comment: This idea becomes invalidated once we break 6k on Bitfinex. If the 6k is held, expect good times, otherwise, you might want to consider to cash out, I will at that point for 98-99% of cash and so are many other guys like the few institutions that are in, many companies, whales and even Marius and you can expect downsizing of exchanges again.

Then we have multi year(s) bear market, then I will only buy from a website and send it to private wallet once the bottom is set, because when we go in bear market, bear in mind insolvency and lots of bankrupt companies. Yeah, you can make great money shorting to 4.8, 3.3, 2 or 3 digits, but what use is it when the exchange goes down and you lose everything, maybe think of that first. They will become non-liquid or suffer a "hack", good luck trading then.

You really think they will allow that for what is coming soon? I don't think so, the 6k will be held and I stand firm. I haven't been wrong yet on the bitcoin moves and reversals in my posts, when I see turning points, you always saw I've wrote about them in advance, but of course I can be and there will come a time I make wrong prediction(s), so be it if so and I'll tell you that if I'm wrong, I don't mind to be.

Let them short the bottom, I will buy their liquidity. Lots of bears still present.

Again, do 99.9% of traders here on tv realize the importance of 6k? Forget targets for a while, look at the chart and your use brain (forget about ew, chart patterns and the like), what structures do you see formed, that is what matters and that's where reversals or market failures occur.

If you don't know what I'm talking about and you call yourself a successful trader, then you need to reconsider if you have sufficient knowledge to begin with trading these markets and be honest to yourself and ask that question in the mirror. As for me, I'm always seeking to learn, every single day, adapting to market and new technologies, as for most, which I know from experience, they're lazy and only know a few things and are happy with a 60% win rate and that is okay, but please do not come here and say it's impossible, which some weird guys do in pm, I will just instantly block you.

We're talking about the difference between a long bear market (not just "summer") and the continuation of growth and upside. 2 to 2.4k is exactly what the banksters want and even cheaper, then look at gold how much you may earn afterwards compared to '11 to now.
If you're a trader, it's about %, not about price. Don't give them the supply they want so they can be the next MM, I rather stay with the MM we have right now, any day.
Comment: Perfect hit R horizontal, chart from 2 days on the dollar :-)

Comment: Chart from 4 days ago, still nothing changed on the micro, then how is it possible that 99.99% of normies keep changing their targets every time it makes a move? Hint: rhetorical question.

Trade active
Comment: The bearish target has hit 100% on the dollar, see blue/cyan line. This is from my other thread/post, forgot to add it, chart is 4:30 hours old, but the bottom is set as you can verify (for now, I assume for much longer, going next weeks 8k+).

Comment: I've posted in my wrong thread again, it belongs here,so copy-paste.

LTC at the moment recording ATH on shorts. You know what to do with bottom shorters. Call Bogdanoff ;-)

Charlie Lee (the guy who sold at top 20k, predicted bear market in advance + calling to buy) - See, I'm not alone among the 1% who is bullish :D
"I'm bullish and would buy the low right now."
Trade closed: stop reached: Oh wait, Shitmex $5901, Bitfinex $5927, sorry guys, the whales already left Bitfinex a long time ago. Better wait for bounce, sell and gtfo. Get cash ready and buy from website, send to private wallet and reap rewards years later, while in meantime you can trade shitcoins to double your stack.

Use profits also for other markets, this market is done, already ghost town, just wait until last gamblers are liquidated 1 by 1 by marketmaker with empty books (low liquidity), wait until crypto is declared dead by the masses and msm, then buy. No advice, it's what I'm doing.

Good luck.
Comment: FYI, it took me over 25 minutes to get filled for 50% on some shitcoins, had to market sell that crap.
Comment: Selling the rip of my last bitcoin.
Oh and CME ends next week, just coincidence how it matches with the chart, right?
Target points to 5.5k, classical triangle breakout to 2k (print chart, then measure distance top to bottom and paste it under breakout).
See also @
Comment: This idea becomes invalidated once weekly close below ~$5845 with confirmation on the monthly.

I expected at least 7k+ initially when hit this bottom up to ~8k'ish, before pullback then bullrun 13k, but this was the bullish case, not bearish case and this one is on the edge of becoming invalid and with that I mean 5925k break leads to 5845k break, which leads to newer lows.

I should explain "stop reached", since you barely see any trades of mine reach this status if you follow me long enough. I bought at 6.15 up to 6k and got stopped out below 6k, so you see I had extremely tight sl, but bitmex reached market failure and hit my sl at the bottom. I don't know if this coincidence or not, but it smells bad, since no other exchange went there except bitfinex where the moves get emulated 0.5-3 seconds after. So with slippage got stopped out at ~5.95k when the bottom was ~$50 below it @ 5.9k... Yeah, that was a lot of money lost, despite < 1%, but it is what it is.

It was mistake not to set SL at profit area, since bought near the bottom and even now 24 hours later the price is higher. But not looking to buy anymore at this level, the bulls and whales on bitfinex seem all gone, lesson learned and I should have know it from 2 months ago, I didn't thought of it when trading.

The longer consolidates here and shorters taking profit, then bigger the next dump, it''s still missing a good leg down before a bounce.

The dump will not stop if the price will not be pumped, buyers get less money, while dumpers will be in big profit to reload more, especially on long liquidations, which is just free money, hence they can pressure and short the bottom and eventually it goes... down. That's why shorting was and still is forbidden in many countries.


Crazy,y are genius. I wish i can have knowlegde as u, plz tell me where should i start. How can i set my.mind as un???
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CryptoSwindle canhcolor
@canhcolor, Lots of reading (and realize how 100+ books you've read just suck - with the exception of psychology, how the game works, and the pearls of wisdom from the interviews with successful trader books), analyzing and testing, but most importantly: 1) Read the tape (watch charts) for thousands of hours, 2) Do what works for YOU. If it keeps working, keep it. If it fails, check why and how it failed and improve it or abandon it completely and test new techniques.

That's how you differentiate yourself from the masses. Then, build a methodology. I've only know a few very successful traders, they all have their own methodology. They do not use just X or Y, but have build a set of their own. In the end, it's about 1) experience and 2) adapting.

Good luck.
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CryptoSwindle canhcolor
@canhcolor, ^ adapting => keep learning and apply new knowledge to your skillset. Stay ahead or get crushed.
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CryptoSwindle canhcolor
@canhcolor, TA is all free on the internet by the way (babypips website if I can remember correctly is a good one, investopedia another one). If you do not understand what you read, it CAN be worthwhile to pay for education, but ONLY 1:1 training. I have never used it, so I cannot comment on this, I learned everything on my own, just like many things in life from early on and will continue to do so, but that's just me.
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canhcolor CryptoSwindle
@CryptoSwindle, thanks u very much. i read many chart on TV form author but they wrong too much and they dont analyse the problem as u. i really amazing with your analysis, i have learn alot from u.
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CryptoSwindle canhcolor
@canhcolor, Thanks, appreciate it. But I'm out of crypto if we go in long bear market and I probably won't post in a bull season as well, because if everything goes up, most people just hodl and sometimes its better to hodl then than to trade if only goes up, because before you notice the dip 30%, it's already 10-15% off and pretty much too late for such small gain, because you'd have to catch the exact bottom as well. Alts are then still the way to go, but for me, the liquidity is not there yet, beside top 5.
I hope you’re right
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i agree, i saw ltc,bch,btc-for a few- last nite/early morn ,and they were silently,slowly & strangely what i thought- were making a bottom. it was eeriely ghostly. if btc grinds at this level - maybe even retest of lows -or dip/spike lower- this could very well be bottom. not sure of volume, suspect this is bot driven???
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CryptoSwindle cryotoman0
@cryotoman0, Bots are everywhere, but manipulation isn't as bad as forex and doesn't even come close to emini futures. People make a lot of FUD about this, while in reality, you can trade this "manipulation" just fine if you can adapt. So this shit will never change, because for it to change, they have to fix their own problems first for decades in their own markets before they can try crypto, it's just part of the game and I've long time accepted it.

Let them short this bottom, I will buy it, the liquidity on the sell side for lower prices is very bad, so they're forced to buy back at higher price plus suffer rollover fees when market is turning slow in summer ;-)
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The only way is up especially now that the futures contracts have peaked ATH wall street are onto this, something new and its going only up.