BTC / USD Line chart (no noise) Cup.

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
It looks funny if, instead of a candlestick chart, you switch to a linear chart (without "market noise"), which gives a clearer idea of ​​the direction of the trend. Note, for example, that the triangle itself is half of the base than in the candlestick chart, from which the channel was formed after two "dumps of shortists and lonists". Which can act when leaving it up the 2nd phase of the bowl (accumulation).

Let me remind you that tomorrow is exactly 31 days from "reset 19" and tomorrow is the same on the 19th. At the moment, after the breakout, the price has rolled back to the zone of the mirror support level (the middle part of the channel).

My former trading idea.
BTC/USD Secondary trend (part) "Not eco-friendly" + "Dragon +4"

By the way, as you noticed from the green idea, the square was really green and the price reached these price values after 13 days with a local squeeze. 31000.

This is how this whole local history (triangle-channel zone) looks like on a candlestick chart. As we can see, the candlestick chart perfectly reflects the "greed of longists and shortists" with squeezes of disappointment. By the way, next month there is a big "space event".

Comment: The price exactly reached the level of $ 33333
Comment: The downtrend continues. The price moves into the horizontal channel zones. Important price levels, trend and potential reversal zones on the chart. It is important that the price does not go beyond the canal side-altars because there will be temporary sadness). Alts naturally follow BTC, because everyone is "afraid". This channel (lateral movement) is for instilling uncertainty in long / shortists. An imprint of their uncertainty is squeezing (taking out stops).
Comment: from the level of 30181 the price made + 18.1% now a rollback to the zone of the broken local downtrend. Local price levels on the chart. The price is still sideways.
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Nice analysis, very interesting.
up or down?