The BTCUSD show must go on

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The BTCUSD show must go on .... https: // BTCUSD /MiR12OIX-BTCUSD-we-reached-our-target-price/
analysis followed price movements exactly. Current analysis would like to draw attention to the fact that bitcoin is building another fractal . The figure shows two fractals. The initial fractal is an exponentially moving wave sequence. I hypothesize that the fractal currently under construction will also make an exponential rise. That means I’m taking the 66671 usd target price, which still sounds pretty incredible now, to the next level.
Comment: Several have asked in private why I am waiting for a correction now. Because if you look at Figure D1 you can see that a wave sequence is just coming to an end. This, of course, does not guarantee a correction, but you need to pay attention to it, crossing the 40,000 usd.
Comment: A quick breakout is more likely.


Hi @meszaros don't you think 44000 will be the next hit according to FIB
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@ioui, Yes. I did not draw in the analysis, but there is a level at 44,000 usd that can trigger a correction. But for an exponentially constructed fractal, it’s hard to tell if the correction will begin. In case a correction starts at 44000usd level, I will indicate its expected size in time. The correction should also be used to take an additional long position. Thanks for the post.
hi sir I need help can we talk in WhatsApp pls
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meszaros Prarojtamuly
@Prarojtamuly, I don't use Whatsapp. I am available for private chat on tradingview.
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50000 coming soon
meszaros hoangtuyen_trade
@hoangtuyen_trade, I agree with you. It continues to move according to the rules of the exponential fractal. In such cases, thinking in a short position is life-threatening.