$BTC Bear market for all Crypto

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Around April I notice the chart on the monthly was similar to Dec2017 which I watched and did nothing about.

I waited for the selling signal of the 10ema crossing the 20ema on the 2day chart which got us out at $55k 28th April 2021. At the time it didnt signal a bear market but what I knew was that I wasnt going to get a buy signal anytime soon as from the move from $11k to $60k once you get that exist call it would take time for everything to be adjusted

What started my thinking of a bear market is that we went under the 200 day Moving average about a month ago, I dont know why people are now in denial of this.

Today the Slingshot indicator has turned red on this 2 day chart for the 1st time since May 2020 ANOTHER BEAR SIGNAL

Also nothing is going to stop the death-cross on the daily which should happen by the 21st June. On the weekly Monday should confirm that the 10ema has crossed below the 20.

I hope you stay prosper


None of the RSI and MA lines even loosely match any time previous in the BTC history. This is a new price movement. No idea which way myself. Wait and see.
@BitMango don't worry about those lines they are weak. I would put my house on it to state we are in a bear market