Bitcoin is continuing to rise up and broke the resistance level

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Bitcoin is continuing to rise up and broke the resistance level of 7400 USD and also 7550 USD and now it's making a little bit correction but it's on the way to reach 7950 USD until the weekend. meaning it's a good time to buy now because the volume and the liquidity are increasing despite the profit takings. I see that new buyers are coming and that's why it's still moving upside.

So pay attention when to buy and when to sell cause yesterday I got a lot of messages from people that made 300-350 USD profit per coin or people that sold on time and bought again and they actually made more profits.


I must tell you that you really surprise me in a good way, because of you I sold my bitcoins before the huge fall and I am going to rebuy, so thx for the huge tip. I don`t know you, but I wish I could send you something as a gift. Please reply to my question in the private message that I sent you
LeoAbramovich mikeburton456
@mikeburton456, Thank you but it's not only me I'm trying my best to provide 100% correct predictions cause no one can do that must be some mistakes.
And as I mentioned before I got a lot of messages I will reply back as soon as possible.
Tnx for your understanding.

wish you all the best and tnx for the kind words.