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This is just a fun chart... it will turn accurate as i followed the EW principles to draw it, however I won't spend too much time explaining to you all the dynamics behind. I expect btc to form an i HnS on the daily with a breakout later at the end of July. We are now going to touch 38500 maybe 40k with a nice push but we will then come back down at least to 32 k, so do not be surprise. the move to 38500 will start at some point Monday with a nice push. We are going to retrace to 33500 short term to retest the HnS resistance on the hourly. We have 2 days before to see some serious move. Also we are forming an ascending wedge which we will break around the end of next week which will project us back to 32k Just to shake out the last few weak hands to then start the next leg up. Targets will be around 90 k then 180 k as the last target before starting a long bear market 1- 2 year at least.


BTCUSDT might fall toward 17K$

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thank you for sharing nice data
CFcryptoTA BitonGroup
@BitonGroup, thanks to you for your comment and support. I do not believe we will see 17k any time soon unless a world war or a major catastrophe happen. We are currently in the corrective wave 4 and we are about to approach the next impulsive wave 5. I do believe the local bottom was 28k. If we break the support, the max dip will be around 22 k as it corrispond with 0.382 of the retracement of wave 3 of the macrocycle and is also a major support from the break of the previous ath. I see more likely we will retest 45k soon... We may go sideways for a couple of weeks flirting with the 32 k but then we should shoot at 45 k at least. I will look at your page....thank you once again.
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BitonGroup CFcryptoTA
@CFcryptoTA, we do not see BTC on lower time frame.
we believe it should reach 17k or lower before 2024,
thanks for your nice description but we di not use Elliot waves on such a short timeframe also
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