Bitcoin Lengthening Cycle Theory

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
• Maintaining Elliot Wave Theory (12345)

• Wave 4 Pullback To 200MA (History Shows These Are Accumulation Zones)

• Sept 2021 -> Sept 2022 = Long Term Capital Gains Tax

• Supports Lengthening Cycles Theory

• Supports Predictions Of 200K @ 2.272 Extension

• Possible Rejection From The 0.702 @ 50k (History Shows This Is Critical Resistance)

• 16k Swing Low/20k Swing High (Obvious Support Targets)

“People are panicking and we haven’t even hit the previous all time high yet” - Benjamin Cowen

“The best time to buy Altcoins is in a capitulation event like in March” - Benjamin Cowen