8p / 15p targets - buy entry triggers - gap to fill BULLISH

An amazing asset value company with newsflow
Copper & gold play.
potential financial partners in talks at moment
Several assets within Indonesia
An amazing track record BoD

8p 1st target with 15p mid-long term. 15p+ on big news.
At great value at moment & a bargain considering the assets.
Comment: new member for the team today:

"On behalf of the Company we welcome Bruce to the Asiamet Board. Bruce has been a long-term supportive shareholder and we look forward to the opportunity to work more closely with him as we move into the project financing and development stage for the BKM project and continue advancing our other high potential projects on the KSK CoW and at Beutong. Bruce has spent the past 25 years working at the interface between China-Australia business and brings extensive experience and networks across China and greater Asia to the Asiamet board. This is particularly relevant given China's One Belt-One Road policy and the large amount of Chinese inbound investment into Indonesia associated with it. Enhancing the Company's level of connectivity with China is expected to add significant value as we continue the development of our portfolio of high-quality copper, gold and polymetallic projects. Different skills and experience will be required to take the Company forward and as such further evolution and strengthening of the board and management team is considered an important requisite for continued growth. Our ability to attract new directors of the calibre of Bruce, and Dominic before him, are testament to the progress we have made and the quality of the growth opportunity that Asiamet presents for investors. We look forward to continuing to deliver on our plans for the benefit of all stakeholders."


@vcm11 This has fallen more and am looking at purchasing a chunk of these tomorrow. Your thoughts? You still positive about the projected price of 8p-15p

Really value your posts and have been following your insights. Bought into SDX also and doing well there.
vcm11 KoolTrader
@KoolTrader, Extremely bullish here & still hold all my shares and added a few more recently. It's one to be patient but yes I do believe we will do very well here. Hoping for a BKM finance deal to come...