KUCOIN:AGIXUSDT   SingularityNET Token / Tether
Hey Guys,
how are you?
I bought agix currency for a short time

TP1 = 0.29770
TP2 = 0.35200

SL = 0.19134

You can use one of the following methods for financial support:
Btc (bep2) : bnb1klvcgmxu0uuyw9jfvfaplm0ftjyl9gu95lpwn5
Btc : bc1q4l3zpj45au43fa06p48ej43xduatugtfjhhysy
Doge : DKG1ubYj6XUEeY7AmS5VEdvrLg3XWFbyfp
Trx : TKHbBAi7abU3eqX2mBHwBUp6qvaiqrTM2W

No matter how small it is, it makes me happy.
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