American Airline Long term buy position, would not over-lever

NASDAQ:AAL   American Airlines Group, Inc
Long term buy position, looks like this stock will recover when travel disruptions come to an end, fundamentally speaking.
From a Technical perspective, the stock is just.. cheap.
This comes under a "value invest" category for investing, in the short - mid term.

Yes I know Supreme over-lord Buffett dumped this stock a while back, doesn't mean it still won't retrace over time.

Remember, there is a high chance that there are other stocks or financial instruments in existence, which will offer a higher ROI than this stock, meaning your money may be more "valuable" elsewhere in the market.

I still think this will retrace to bring you at least 100% returns, over time.

This stock has the possibility of retouching a $1.93 extreme hard-support area, but I doubt this will actually happen.

Risky, and I expect this to be quite a volatile stock, so I would cap the amount of investment that goes into this trade.

To condense, I believe this stock is in the process of a reversal.

High Volatility = Smaller Lot size, careful.