GBTC & BTCE Premium Indicator

- This indicator illustrates the premium of GBTC and the European equivalent, BTCE. Relative to the spot price of Bitcoin

- It represents the premium investors are willing to pay to be able to gain exposure to Bitcoin . Whilst holding them in an investment vehicle such as a 401k or an ISA.

- The premiums can be plotted. GBTC vs BTCUSD and BTCE vs BTCEUR
- The "real price" of BTCUSD , GBTC and BTCE (denominated in USD) can be plotted against each other
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Release Notes: Updated
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Thanks for the script, do you know how is the "physical" redemption, when the BTCE is purchased OTC out of Europe (Uruguay) ? Thanks
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@jorge855, Thank you for the donation. I have no idea. I dont think you can physically redeem your shares for BTC. The fee is 2%, so you hold 2% less BTC every year