Crypto Scanner [MensaTrader]

Market Scanner

By default set up to scan 7 Crypto Currencies on 3 different Time frames
Default assets are from Binance listing, but can be changed in settings.

First timeframe is set to Daily, (all timeframes can be changed in the settings), The RSI value for the Daily resolution is printed. The current conditions need it to be between the value of 40 and 50, If this condition is met then the box will light are green, if they are not they will stay red.

Second timeframe is set to 4 Hour, RSI for this timeframe and assset will also be printed here, the conditions for it are different though. Currently set up so if the RSI value is lower than 40 the box will light up green. This 40 value can be changed in the settings aswell.

Third timeframe is set to 1 Hour, This timeframe is looking for divergences. If a Divergence is found, the box will light up green and say "Bullish Divergence", This will stay green until either of the 2 invalidation conditions are met.
One condition is (For Bullish Divergence ) to be cleared, If the recent Low where the divergence was formed gets taken out. Then the divergence sign will dissappear
Second condition is if the RSI Value climbs above 55, Then once again the Divergence sign will dissappear.

Use this to help scan multiple assets at once and find RSI values which suit your trading set ups.

I have tried to make as many options adjustable as possible including the Size of the Scanner, all in the settings.
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