DOP - Load-Level Identification & Setup Assistant (L.I.S.A)

This toolkit is made up of more than 3+ innovative indicators that have been designed to assist people in trading smart-money concepts. Get access to a variety of trading tools & relevant data all within one indicator to create your own, smart-money trading strategy.

Catering To SMART-Money Trading Styles

Our toolkit works in any market & allows users to:

• Detect the trend of the market by displaying real-time changes in market structure.
• Detect institutional activity in the market by highlighting structural changes.
• Get automatic order block support and resistance levels in real-time to assist with order entry placement and target take profit levels.
• Timely removal of order blocks that have been run through to give a clear picture of current market structure.

How Does It Work?

The algorithm tracks key pivot points within market data and when these are broken by price movements it provides key information to the user such as when it broke structure, where it broke structure and what levels are now considered support and resistance .

Trend Bar Colouring

The trend bar colouring feature provides a clear visual indication of the market trend by colouring candles red or green depending on the last break in market structure.

Market Structure Breaks

Breaks in market structure are displayed with a single line between two candles, this indicates that there may have been a shift in market trend.

Order Block Levels

Once structure breaks it creates support and resistance levels which can help in trade entries and deciding on take profit targets; these are displayed in real-time with colour coded boxes at either the support or resistance levels. If a level has been broken it is automatically removed from the chart to give a clear representation of the current market state.

If you are using this script you acknowledge past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results and there are many more factors that go into being a profitable trader.

You can see the Author's instructions below to get instant-access to this indicator.
Release Notes: This update includes the following: -

• Improved order block detection and performance on higher timeframes.
• The option to display higher timeframe levels alongside the existing chart.
• The option to highlight the break of structure candle.
Release Notes: This update includes the following new features: -
• Equal Low Detection and Highlighting
• Equal High Detection and Highlighting
Release Notes: We have updated the equal high/low detection to make it more accurate by including pivot points
Release Notes: We have refined the load level detection and removed some features to keep the charts clean and easy to read.
Features have also been added to help identify valid entry points including the highlighting of PAZ and trade zones.
Invite-only script

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TradingView does not suggest paying for a script and using it until you 100% trust its author and understand how the script works. In many cases you can find a good open-source alternative for free in our Public Library.

Author's instructions

Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator: - https://www.decisionofpower.com Alternatively, you can PM us to obtain access.

Want to use this script on a chart?

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Visit our website for more information on how to gain access to L.I.S.A, The smart-money trading assistant. link is on my profile.


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