cATRpillar Strategy

**This is my first strategy on the Pine editor, any tips or tricks from the community would be awesome!

This strategy was developed from my indicator "cATRpillar". it uses the ATR range values to determine entry, and uses EMA values to determine an exit if the market goes against it.

Release Notes: Updated the script to have default settings for the 1HR chart. ran the tester with amazing results.
Release Notes: -Made one more adjustment to the default settings.
Release Notes: Minor update to visibility
Release Notes: A few more default settings changed.
Release Notes: Made an update to the defaults.
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Hi, Can you pls plot stop loss line on the script
Now it is working.Thank you very much for your feedback and instant response.
@San_bro, not a problem! Thank you for giving this one a go! I also have an indicator under the same name that can be run with other strategies!. Cheers!
Thank you very much Bro.

Could pls check the strategy performance report not working
@San_bro, Hi San_bro. Thank you for trying my strategy. Can you give me a little bit a detail. Is just one setting not working? or is the strategy not showing a report at all?