EOD Trader

My EOD (End of Day) system for trading on the daily timeframe with minimum stress. Just pair the built-in alerts with the bot of your choice and then let the indicator do the rest. It'll determine the current trend, filter out as much noise as possible and then take you from long to short.

There are options to toggle the following:

  • Auto fibonacci levels with alerts for the look-back period of your choosing
  • Auto support and resistance with alerts
  • Alerts for the price closing above/below the 50MA
  • A coloured background to show the trend direction (green = up, red = down)

The fib and support levels can be handy when trying to determine when best to take profit or even exit the trade entirely.

Important: I personally use Heikin Ashi candles with this script to further filter entries. An option is available within the script settings to toggle this on/off should you wish to do the same.

This is a premium script. Please DM me for access.
Release Notes: Added additional alerts for up and down trends starting.

NOTE: The optional fib & support levels use the security function for plotting and this will trigger a warning when setting alarms. Rest assured, the indicator itself does not repaint. Once a long or short signal is given, these are locked in upon candle close.
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Could I please get access to it?
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Hi Colin - requesting access to this indicator please.

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hi colin, please give me access
pls im from zimbabwe, sold my wife, need to buy her back, pls gib me free indicator
Hello Colin 🙋‍♂️, please give me access😎
hi colin, please give me access
PM for purchase
Please give me an access
May I test this indicator please? Thank you Colin