M.H Pee indicators

Here is a collection of Trend Indicators as defined by M.H Pee and presented
in various articles of the "STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine"

The actual implementation of the indicators here are made by: everget

I thought they were rather cool, so I have gather them here so that they easily can be tested.

My own test was made using 15 companies from the OMXS30 list
during the time period of 2016-2018, and I only went LONG.

The result was as follows (Average Net Profit , StdDev):

TDI 3.04% 5.97
TTF 1.22%. 5.73
TII 1.07% 6.2
TCF 0.32% 2.68

Would be interesting to hear what other people get as test result from these indicators.
To do that just run this strategy, and chose the indicator from the setup menu.
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